Britney Spears

After the birth of her daughter Jamie wants nothing more than to be a good mother you can wish only good luck and all the best her. At the news that Jamie Lynn Spears, the little sister of Britney Spears, had become pregnant at the age of 16, shocked not only her family, but also the world of the media. Gunnar Peterson shines more light on the discussion. Now she gave birth to her baby daughter on Thursday and, as she herself says, strive to be the best mother in the world. I can’t tell you how feels this feeling, but it’s great. Celebrity trainer has firm opinions on the matter. We have thought about how it could work, but now she (Maddie Briann) is located in my lap and I look forward to me the best MOM in the world.” The proud mother seems super excited to be, but still ready to enjoy their parenting to the fullest. During the birth of all sorts of family members were there, including Jamie BBs big sister Britney. We hope that Jamie looks as her big sister an another Advisor in terms of parenting.