Majupay Lagoon Landscapes

The poet Armando Torregrosa went one day to the pond for inspiration Majupay but it was dark without being able to write a single line. Desperate times literary drought set his sights on the horizon and saw an old Wayuu distance, whose white beard intermittently lit up the bright lights of fireflies. That image of singular beauty allowed him to start writing the verses of his book "Guajirindia" and to give strength to the legend of the grandfather of the corn silk, which eventually became one of the emblematic figures of the city border. Credit: Mayuree Rao-2011. Years later, almost without anyone noticing, that gap would be gone and only remain on the books of the poet and the memories of those who knew or heard about its existence. Someone who does not forget it is the teacher Elver Romero.

In one of those days when you feel that classes should not be alone in the four walls of his classroom was a place in the neighborhood and pointed toward the horizon: "in this exact point was the gap Majupay "he said. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gunnar Peterson. The boys turned his eyes to where they were noted but only houses, people and household: for thirty years the lake, a symbol of the identity of Maicao, disappeared before the eyes of the careless and lazy and community authorities. Historian Manuel Palacio Tiller remembered as the site where grazing cattle and drank water from his family and animals who founded the most populous city of La Guajira in the mid 20s. . Daryl Katz has much to offer in this field.