Christoph Schneider

The triathlon portal truncates surprisingly well after 8 weeks Google benchmarking. The triathlon Portal truncates surprisingly well after 8 weeks Google benchmarking. Google-benchmarking is a new tool from Google, with which you can compare the access numbers, as well as many more visitors information with other websites in the same industry. “Our analysis of Google benchmarks showed that we already 8 weeks can have a superb visitor behavior after our launch on our side.” Christoph Schneider, co-founder of, announced today. From the details of the detailed report by Google can be, that is the average time per visit on over 5 minutes. This is compared with pages from the same industry, an increase of 111,44%. For more information see this site: Cindy Crawford.

Also in the “pages per visit”, so pages are how much per visit looked at, as well as the “number of new visitors” are clearly, sometimes with 85%, above the industry average. The “bounce rate”, i.e. how many call the start page of on and then leave that page again, was significantly lower than in comparable portals. “We draw from this analysis concluded that our site provides interesting content, and the visitors to the stay invites.” said Mr Mathias Jung, also co-founder of the portal, as a conclusion. It is truly amazing that a new portal will bring a good result when the benchmark “home”. Only the number of visitors were still below the industry average. The tendency for the future expect only good. To facilitate this future, we can recommend just any athletes or people who are interested in sports to take a look at. Christoph Schneider

World Championships

The German capital is looking forward to a new World Cup summer tale 2009 Berlin is booming as a sports town – Ostel is booming with with the World Championships in athletics 2009 the German capital is again this year host of the world’s biggest sporting event. \”Also the annual Berlin Marathon, the stadium Festival ISTAF, Speed Skating Championships or the held for the first time in September in Berlin Champions Trophy of the Turner bring Berlin regularly in the sports headlines (source: dpa): worldwide sports event 2009: 1,800 athletes, 213 Nations, 47 decisions, 500,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium, over 1,000,000 spectators at the marathon and walking: the 2006 World Cup final and the games of the German national team in the Olympic Stadium are O2 World – Berlin sports city center and remain as a summer fairy tale\” unforgotten. Berlin has fought for its reputation as the German sports capital of not only through this peak. Add to your understanding with Charles Margulis. Make sure\”the top teams of the city E.g. Football Club Herta BSC or the basketball player of albatrosses, the ALBA giant. And last ice hockey season the polar bear, which thrilled more than 13,000 fans with the opening of the new venue in the O2 world. Berlin events around the World Cup in the OSTblog removed a few ball throws from the O2 Arena the Ostel located. For sports fans, so ideally the interesting sporting events as well as the sports events of the 12th IAAF walking. To celebrate this summer fairy 2009, the Olympic Stadium as a venue of sporting competitions get a temporary counterpart from the world of Arts: the KulturStadion at Pariser Platz: on 14 August there are on the other side of the Brandenburg Gate the official welcome night with artists such as SUNRISE AVENUE, Nadja Michael, and many more. \”With their comeback super hit form the end of a-ha foot of the mountain\”, the official World Cup song brilliant finale and start signal for a great world championship.

Paderborn Baskets

A new fresh design for the basketball Bundesliga which is Paderborn manufacturer of sportswear ARMADA Athletics season 2009/10 new supplier of the Paderborn baskets basketball Bundesliga. ARMADA athletics has already for the season of 2008/09 official fan article manufacturer of the Bundesliga. ARMADA athletic is the new red Jersey, the Shootingshirt, the sweat pants and the sweat jacket in a new, fresh design. The fans of the Paderborn baskets expect athletic in the fan shop of the Paderborn baskets in addition three new T-Shirt designs from ARMADA. If you are not convinced, visit Cindy Crawford. ARMADA athletic with the Managing Director of the Paderborn Baskets Thorsten Schroder and Thorsten Perlik a regional partner can win, in the professional sports also actively is like in the regional sports and fashion.

Rainer Zajonz, Managing Director of ARMADA athletic: “as Paderborn and long baskets fans we are delighted about this partnership because we can actively support the building of the new team. Our goal is that with our new red jerseys Increasing passion to the game and to wear, so we will see again exciting games together with the basket team and the fans in the unique atmosphere of the Maspernholle. “According to our credo: respect to the best!” ARMADA athletic provides innovative and creative solutions in the areas of professional and recreational sports as well as sports and streetwear. About user ARMADA athletic you will find on the homepage of ARMADA athletics. The current jerseys and shirts of the Paderborn baskets find you imFanshop the Paderborn baskets. ARMADA athletic provides innovative and creative solutions in the areas of professional and recreational sports as well as sports and Fashionwear. This applies to both the products and solutions to support the sales.

Products by ARMADA athletic you will find on the website and in the fan shop of the Paderborn baskets.

Samuel Kochs Accident

After only an inadequate compensation to be paid, many donations, want! The relief operation by friends of the sportsman Samuel Koch from the betting-the broadcast and Turnclubs of Germany will be published and known to help Samuel Koch.This article is not everywhere welcome! Because it only a one-off settlement amount, be paid regardless of health insurance. Rehabilitation, over months and years and lifetime maintenance costs, are much more expensive as such an amount. Why there is no operator liability, unlimited, with a rich channels like ZDF, shocked at the extent of the accident. Only a group insurance policy of the Alliance, far below value? Huge costs together will be come to hopefully successful rehabilitation. It is hoped that the diagnosis of quadriplegia, can be taken back on paraplegia. Or, the Samuel Koch that lucky to learn, though, run again with / neck, by surgery.

But then, life must go on and training the Be possible according to circumstances. Turnclub Germany, has already once successfully implemented this for an injured athlete. Supermodel is likely to agree. On the website are the account information and all information published. Would but the refunded tickets the show go into this account. – Or the salaries of presenters! Then, it would quickly help and much possible. Instead of a greeting, with mountains of postcards and postage, you can indeed help in this way. Samuel Koch, Bundesliga Turner, was an experienced gymnast since the age of 6. Nothing on this character of the young man of who would indicate even underestimated risk.

An unforeseen accident in life, as for example by fall, when slipping through ice, anybody could have. Who would bring the, there, in the media, much quoted sentence out of his mouth. He knew what he was doing! No! No one plans for his spinal cord injury! -Quote: Newsletter No. 5 Dear members of the Turnclubs of Germany, we have probably all with dismay “the news of the tragic accident of the Ligaturners Samuel Koch of the bets, that…?”Show heard a week ago. The 23 year old is sad likely to suffer permanent damage, maybe be assigned permanently to a wheelchair. The Bureau has therefore summarily decided to call a fundraising event in the life of the Baden Turner. ZDF also will pay financial compensation – are currently 100,000 euro in conversation – but given what comes to rehabilitation and other expenditure in the future on the young man and his parents, any additional amount is a big help. Even if the disaster not in a gym during training or competition may have been happened and also a certain levity in the game, we should bear in mind that here a big blow of fate overtook a talented gymnast when attempting to take something new and spectacular. We ask therefore all members of the Turnclubs to participate in this fundraiser and this action in the Association under sport comrades and Able to make known.