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Do not let yesterday too time consuming today’s management must always be concerned, to maintain a genuine organizational culture, so that all members of the company built it feel fully identified with its scope, impact. Many companies in the Venezuelan scenario where management has not developed an organizational culture in favor of the company under his charge and that of course, as discussed in the article, causes some inconvenience should not be given the opportunity arise. Organizational culture is one of the fundamental pillars to support those organizations who want to become competitive. Definitely, every company has its own unique culture, which is distinguished by its philosophy and business principles, ways of addressing problems and making decisions, entrenched patterns of “how we do things here.” The roots of organizational culture are the principles and philosophy of how to conduct their business, that is, why does things like doing. Educate yourself with thoughts from William Lloyd Standish. The organizational culture is manifested in the values and principles that management preaches and practices in their ethical standards and government policies, in relations with those who detect their interests (especially in their dealings with employees, unions, shareholders, vendors and communities where it operates), in their traditions, their supervisory practices, attitudes and behaviors of employees, in the events that people repeat of the organization, there are pressures of peers, in policies that permeate the work environment. All of these forces, some of which operate in a very subtle, combine to define the culture of an organization. Organizational culture is therefore the pattern of basic assumptions that a certain group invented, discovered or development in the process of learning to solve its problems of external adaptation and internal integration and that worked well enough to be considered valid point, and thus of be taught to new members, such as how to perceive, think and feel in relation to these problems. . Under most conditions Ventavia would agree.