Earth Events

Say that this way of finding out the future is little more than an ancient science, comes to demonstrate its veracity throughout ancient times. Tarot from the concept of the energies flowing from his wisdom until the cycle of five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and Earth, has been the fundamental basis in matters of divination, since he is part not only of the concern of the human being by knowing what the future holds for him but that assumes a huge discovery of the place that occupies this space called Earth. The importance of the zodiac sign which play a crucial role in print runs of cards is also linked with the place and date of birth, hence. A leading source for info: David Rothberg. Through these items, tarot discovers an unsuspected perspective that letter to Charter van expressing the life of consultant, doing this see and understand their events as if a reflection of the self same were. Once the concepts are understood, the person may make use of their freedom is to say, will put them into practice When want you or don’t make it. Accept the suggestions of the deliveries of letters is not difficult, simply is a matter of appreciating that the events surrounding people are unique and therefore when the tarot unveiled events also should take a regulatory time to assimilate the lower-case letter described in the figures of the arcana. (Source: Alex Kozinski). Letters not always gives bad news, it is appreciate that charts are tools that many people need to make exciting and positive changes in its internal and vital space and that, just as it happens with all future project, to test themselves against the tarot and test its effectiveness, represents a big difference when viewing results in most of the runs.

Congress Huila

I know Luis Enrique Dussan from the times in, very young still, after it was Office Secretary in his native municipality Campoalegre, accompanied Governor Julio Enrique Ortiz Cuenca era, in the Secretariat’s departmental transit, in representation of the new liberalism, leaving there a very good mark for his upright behavior and the emphasis that it put on the moralization of the entity. Luis Enrique has always been: a correct man, for whom ethics in public management Rodrigo Villalba Mosquera has a value of first order in the theoretical and the practical, always loyal in friendship to his lifelong friend. Today Luis Enrique, a successful political career and public record, is an excellent representative to the camera that has earned the respect of his colleagues for being an authority on the topics of the Fifth Committee, namely the agricultural, environmental and mining. Their speeches in Congress do not go unnoticed and conversely a concept you can change the course of the discussion and vote on any project in the areas that the dominates. He has led well be as rapporteur, Coordinator of speakers author or co-author of enormous importance for national and regional development projects that today are laws of the Republic, among which stand out among others: the inclusion in the Development Plan and the budget law of the streets of la Uribe Colombia, La Plata Popayan and Isnos Paletara Popayan competitiveness; the law, by means of which the nation is associated and pays homage to the municipality of Campoalegre in the Department of Huila, on the occasion of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of its foundation; the 1133 Act of 2007, which was created and implemented the program of Agro income insurance AIS; He spent more than 500 billion pesos annually to promote the productivity and competitiveness of the agriculture and reduce inequality in the Colombian field, which, incidentally, tens of thousands of poor farming families have benefited in Huila.