Rodriguez Fontal

Classifieds people slim, slim, pretty, our own reflection in the mirror, you think of me, what would people think of me as I’d like to see me, as I see, etc, s etc a . We are in more and better society, consumerism, purely cosmetic operations, cosmetics futuristaa . yCurioso not? A society that consume large amounts of euros in care and curiosity there is increasing obesity, childhood obesity, cardiovascular disease, a study by Rodriguez Fontal, Monica Rondon Espin Auristela in 2000 reflected that 22.9% of young people between 12 and 18 had colesterolaaaaaa Paradoxes of society a modernaa , presume to be careful, take care of us, playing sports, but studies show numbers and numbers that make your hair stand on end. In my club, my colleagues and I treat every day with many people who have a goal, cuidarsea either a cosmetic issue, others health, to know other people, s etc like any club. What I claim my colleagues is that we go beyond what we see, that face or that body, we try to get to know what you are looking for every person who comes before us.

Clearly it is a chimera to know everything about everyone, but we try, we have means and resources to them (Coaching, NLP) and we must put all our effort to help these people. In the company a modernaa of more and better we educate people to look after your body naturally, we can not mistreat our body as we only have one. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta: the source for more info. I think it’s time that the professionals will give everything, I think people need us more than ever, we must end with the figure of monitora a , that which includes the room and says good morning, we have to show people that we know much more than that, that our sacrifice and effort does something. People placed in our hands your health, we ask for advice and that is where we must respond, the withdrawal of and a monitoresa give the opportunity for professionals, we train our colleagues to give that touch of difference from the rest and we are so important like any other physician in our area. I encourage all my colleagues to take the helm and let us not tarnish our profession by the intrusion of anyone with a course of 20 hours to deal with people that you need is for professionals like us. Frank Fernandez.