Sports Betting: Dogon

One strategy for sports betting is a Dogon. In such a game to find the correct object, the subject will catch up, the time of its launch, the size of the bets. First of all, you need to decide what the object catch up. Catch up with the object – it The bet type, which is catching up Dogon of victory or defeat a certain team, total games, etc. Recently CEO Ford Motor Co. sought to clarify these questions. The subject caught up with – a team that is catching up. If you approach the subject in general terms, it is necessary, above all, sensitive to Compile and analyze statistics: by the nature and style of play the team to draw analogies with rivals. For example, if some team is playing in defensive football, then, of course, the statistics likely will show that total over was less than in previous matches analyzed. Another reason for poor performance can be injured leading hitters or series of games with strong opponents.

Generally speaking, you need to properly analyze available information and make accurate conclusions. Another key point is to catch up the time it starts. How to make the right decision? Again, analyzing statistics, and upcoming opponents. Here is the main factor some series. Let’s catch up with our subject has already played matches at 05.04 Totale match less than 2.5.

It is well suited to catch up: it is likely that in total over the next game will be greater than 2.5. Therefore, we need to put on the total greater than 2.5. But it may be that in total over again the next match will be less than 2.5. Focusing, as discussed earlier, you lose. What do you do? To play in Dogon to initially form a bank – allowed amount wagered by such a strategy. Normal bank is the one that will stand 10.9 iterations (repetitions each subsequent multiplication) with an average ratio. In any case, the Dogon – a strategy with a high degree of risk. So result may be unexpected, and it must be prepared both morally and financially. Concluding the above, it is necessary to clarify the general recommendations for catch up: – a must have as their objective, reaching that stop you – it is not recommended to stop the Dogon, if it is inhaled – Dogon stop, to no avail if passed 8.9 iterations, or empty your bank. To calculate the amount of the bet by using catch up formula: S = (W + Sn) / K-1 S – size of the bet Sn – the amount lost by to catch up with K – current koefitsent W – planned catch up the win in the early seasons of the draw. In the mid-season defeat since winning teams from the second part of the table.

Athletic Training

I do not smoke or abuse alcohol. But my amateur results did not improve and worsen over time and I was looking for answer why? What was it about this book? It was the most important, it contained a technology management training each athlete. And not just some average parameters and formulas (such as: the intensity should 60-70% or 80-90% of the submaximal heart rate, which is calculated in such a manner, and this parameter can be calculated in such a formula, where the letter of your age, but this …). The methodology gives very clear instructions where to take own parameters and then what to do with them. All training coach for the condition divided into three parts: Field Compensation of the stabilization or addiction and development of each of which he gave a certain percentage of total training time, depending on fitness goals and an athlete. But most importantly, that it was not a theorist, expected results, and the practitioner who is engaged in constant research and repeatedly tested his technique. The results of his studies could not be hidden in a bag. They are constantly climbing out of the awl of the victories of one or the other rider in the World Cup in alpine skiing.

Although studies have not limited to skiers only. They were wrestlers and tennis players and and biathletes, jogging and mauntinbaykery that implement the patients and students in music school, where his technique has brought unusually positive results. What is the area and how they define. Define a snap with step-lactate test to help determine the aerobic threshold 2mmol / L, anaerobic 4mmol / l and developed by a team of Bergmyullera Obertauern Olympic training center in the main threshold zhiroobmena, located at 1mmol / l blood lactate. These two (aerobic and anaerobic) threshold, and divide the pyramid of the training process into 3 parts.


ATHLETE immediately clear today, as always after a morning workout, brisk and cheerful, was at work and got an unexpected and unusual compliment from the editor of the magazine. Looked at me carefully, Lia said that those who train, can be seen immediately. How? "And they have become spiritualized face and glowing internal energy" – she said. I have, it turns out, his face lights up, too. PS Nice! TWO MONTHS OF LESSONS small, yet noticeable only to me, change: here standing at attention, there are clean or slightly increased. But while the serious results too early. Quickly become a model failed.

But I do not get upset and do not fall into despair. I think that such good spirits – also the result of my training. I will continue to go do it. I must admit, I went to the gym in the hope of a quick and brilliant result. But: to succeed, show off their achievements, and then he lay on the couch? And what will happen month or so? Now I'm ready for that exercise should become a mandatory part of my life. Especially that part I like. PS Even small victories in the gym and more enjoyable than a rapid weight loss from pills and other "freebies." THINKING OUT LOUD always have the choice of receiving medical treatment from every problem or try to solve all still on their own. I'm not for self-medication, I'm talking about the fact that many of our health problems are growing of our laziness.

The Baltimore Bullet Team

American swimmer Michael Phelps became the sensation of truly Olympic Games in 2008. Won 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, he surpassed the achievement of his compatriot Mark Spitz on the number of gold medals won for one Olympic Games. Total Career Phelps won 14 Olympic gold medals and is the most titled athlete in the history of the Olympics. Additional information at supermodel supports this article. Img / img b Bio Michael Phelps / b Full name: Michael Fred Phelps III (Michael Fred Phelps III) Nickname: The Baltimore Bullet Team: ClubWolverine, University of Michigan Height: 193 cm Weight: 83 kg Homepage Michael Phelps: The page at facebook: Michael Phelps, born June 30, 1985 in Baltimore (Maryland, USA). His father, Fred Phelps was a policeman, his mother, Debbie Phelps worked as a teacher. Michael started swimming at age 7, when his two older sisters, Whitney (born in 1978) and Hilary (born in 1980), brought in a local team in swimming.

In 1994, his parents divorced, and children have to live with his mother, with whom Michael is still very close relationship. Michael met his coach, Bob Bowman, during training in a swimming club in North Baltimore. Bob immediately recognized the potential of Michael and became his coach, who coaches him now. In 15 years, Michael Phelps became the youngest American in the history of swimming in the Olympic Games. He uchastvovoval with The American team in the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000), although there came only fifth. In spring 2001 Phelps set a world record in the 200-meter butterfly and became the youngest swimmer in history, setting a world record.

FINA Trophy

New commercial tournament FINA Trophy, for the first time in the history of synchronized swimming, held in Moscow last weekend. The fact that there was no competition in a solo program, were not suitable for athletes dates, instead of nine Arbitrators in arranging group, there were only three, all of this has prompted mixed reactions among experts, however, in general, it is the opinion of most of them, the tournament was a success. With two-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Anastasia Ermakova interviewed by journalists from the "New News". – Anastasia, do you think the first pancake is always lumpy turned out? – Yes, although this idea is very interesting and everything went well. I'd like that would be in our sport commercial launches have become a tradition. I heard that the next will go to Brazil. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Luhan.

Of course, do not guess with the dates. It was necessary to give us time to relax, do come eight best teams, but we are not going to lose. I explain why we Asya Davydova were minor errors. All this is undoubtedly due to the small fatigue. It was evident that the other held his last strength, not a little confused by what the judges.

In such a subjective sport, three judges, agree to practice a little strange. Could at least five people to put that to at least four of them adopted the same solution. Three can not go in one direction, and therefore before the start we were a bit afraid.

Family Supports Achievments

My family is my rear, where I can come after victories and defeats. I’ve always been here will understand and support. At home, I can calmly relax, relax, find peace and understanding. Is it hard to be the wife of an athlete? And you ask Irina! – I can not say that being the wife of an athlete is very difficult, – says Irina – I quickly got used to the fact that Alex – known basketball player and always in the spotlight. But I strongly miss Alex, when he is on the long training camp. I am pleased to go to all home games, because I know how important it is to Alyosha: it’s nice to know I’m in the hall and behind him sick.

About the image of athletes are always in sight, and of course, the image plays a big role. When you feel the attention from people, you know, it’s very responsible. And of course, clothes and manners should be meet the high bar that you take, and in any case does not fall below. It is necessary to justify the attention that you have. If we talk about clothes at all, then every day I try to wear comfortable clothes – jeans, T-shirts. But out of their cars prefer a jeep, because with my height of 2 meters 15 centimeters in another car just does not zalezesh! On the pleasures of my sporting life, the constant traveling and fees make it impossible to engage in some hobby.

I like very much to go home in the Krasnodar – there I have family and many friends. A huge pleasure for fishing. This is where I rest from everything! There is a complete relaxation, there are forces for new developments. Love holidays, especially New Year. This is the holiday that I meet always in the family. I also like to give gifts – the joy of seeing loved ones and relatives, their happy eyes. For me this is important! I love to travel to Greece: sister lives there and growing favorite nephew. As for the music, it’s also fun. Favorite singer – Aleksandr Rozenbaum. Still happy in the car listening to our Russian pop music. O values in my life very much appreciate your friends – I have their way, small. And I’m thankful for the fact that they are close: they do not throw in a difficult moment, do not betray and always provide a shoulder. I appreciate loyalty in people. I think, a very poor quality – envy. Often, with this face, and not only in sports. It is important to stay above all a decent person, that would be in my life no matter what happens. Many of the conceited and lose your face – try not to be tolerated.


Trainers, translated to English hyperextension, hyperextension means pererazgibanie. This exercise is very popular, both among professional sportsmen and amateur. After his appointment, it is training and development of direct back muscles, hip flexors and gluteal muscles. Carrying it in time and properly man who does not care about his health, immune from most injuries associated with the spine. Taking care of the health of athletes, fitness industry experts have developed a special sports simulator, which is called: hyperextension.

There are several types of these machines is adjustable hyperextension, the inverse hyperextension hyperextension and mounted to the wall bars. Try to understand what is the difference between them. Additional information at Lin Dan supports this article. Trainers adjustable – it's a bench on which the traditional exercise, with attaching the legs with special rollers or platform, followed by the torso forward, Back hyperextension is different from the first by the fact that classes are held on the contrary, that is a burden for training the back and hamstrings are the legs. Torso this case remains in the real condition. With regard to hyperextension of the curtain wall bars, so here at all easy. Pinned to the stairs and do for fun, the main thing is not to overdo it. Several tips: dealing with the reverse hypers do not hog, trying to help my legs, run the risk of pulling back, is also important not to discard his head back, or you might injure your neck muscles.

Now for the main, starting to workout, carefully review the relevant literature, and even better, visit a professional trainer who can give you advice how to perform a normal thing or otherwise exercise your view age and physical condition There is the following technique of execution: 1. Lie on the simulator – hyperextension back up, rest your hips on the stand, the legs move in special rollers or bottom speaker platform (There are different versions of the simulator). 2. Fold arms across his chest, slowly, without bending the legs, lower torso down and just lift it up gently. In the upper part of the amplitude to rise to a straight line passing through shoulders and heels. When improperly performed you just fall down, creating a range of motion, more than you need, and thus ascend to the top. Work should only lower back. In the lower position rounds off his back. 3. In principle, the normal result of 4.3 is enough to do sets of 10 times, but do not take this guide as a basis, because each person must individually choose for themselves the right amount of exercise. After fixing results can be taken and for the extra weight. Hyperextension can take the test without special training device. Ways a lot, and one of them, it alternately lifting the arms and legs while lying on his stomach. Muscles involved in the straightening of the hip and flexion of the knee joints play an important role in football, athletics, baseball, rugby and other sports. The strength of these muscles is important not only in sports but also in our everyday life. Especially important is exercise for people who are sedentary or inactive lifestyle. In any case, started training hyperextension is important to remember one golden rule "Do no harm."

Weight Training

However, with age, they lose the flexibility that makes doctors afraid to recommend their patients to weight training. In vain. Japanese scientists have found that anaerobic exercise improved the work of blood vessels in healthy men aged over 60 years. Twelve weeks exercise increased the levels of nitric oxide, an important substance that controls dilyatsiyu vessels. Training with weights is not led to a hardening of their walls, which many fear doctors. On the contrary, they improved metabolic performance, muscle strength and bone density, contributed to the normalization of the joints and improved the quality of life of participants in the experiment. Just as water helps to restore after a workout you just had fantastic workout and you feel as if you moved the truck! Dive into the cool pool has a beneficial effect on the restoration of fatigued muscles and joints. Just a few minutes in the water, and muscle pain disappears.

This is a subjective feeling or what there is scientific evidence? Scientists from New Zealand reviewed the literature concerning the action of water treatments on the recovery from workouts. Two studies reported positive effects. From six to 20 minutes in the water help to improve circulation and accelerate metabolism to return to normal. Some experiments have shown increased performance in the vertical jump as a result of post-exercise use water treatment as compared with either active or passive recreation without them, others have not confirmed this effect. Scientists are not sure of the benefits of taking a bath after a workout, but no reason to abandon them do not show.

Explosive workout increases strength in the bench press, how about to add pounds to your bench press? Try explosive push-ups. Scientists from the University of Massachusetts recorded a maximum in the bench press with 20 student-athletes. Five days later repeated the test, but before the parties met zhimom workout, which consisted of two repetitions of plyometric push-ups or shocks from Breast Swiss ball for 30 seconds to a maximum effort. The result of the bench press increased by an average of 2.5 kg. Training with weights within the power sports athletes cardinality Many sports train with weights. Presumably, the resulting increase in strength as a result of improved performance on the playing field. Unfortunately, very few studies have monitored the athletes any extended period of time to confirm this theory. Australian scientists have turned their attention to rugby players. Professional rugby players were stronger and more powerful than their counterparts in average. However, the latter showed a marked increase in strength over the experiment. Eccentric training builds lean muscle mass better able to develop large muscles of the efforts, working eccentrically (lengthening) than concentrically (shortening). Muscle tension and length load are the most important determinants of hypertrophy. Because eccentric contractions (negatives) cause more muscle tension, it seems reasonable to include them in a program aimed at increase muscle mass. Observations of Norwegian scientists showed that the 12-week eccentric biceps training increased strength in concentric repetitions as well as himself and concentric training, however, eccentric strength grew noticeably bigger.