Fitness Movements for Elderly

Pressing movements should be very careful, be careful that the skin does not move and not stretched. Perform exercises to age! Gently hold the outer corners of Eye index finger and tighten the skin so the skin does not appear wrinkles. Then strongly zazhmurte eyes, and after 5 seconds ever completely relax. Additional information at Cindy Crawford supports this article. Repeat this process at least 10 times. The schedule for the best time of the skin for procedures is no secret that to get maximum benefit from cosmetic procedures should be carried out every day. The best time to do it – from 8.00 to 10.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00 pm or after 22:00.

This is due to biological rhythms of the skin. That is why in a while you think you look stunning, and at other times in general can not look in the mirror: fine lines and dark circles under his eyes horribly "spoil the picture." In addition, biological rhythms of the skin determine the different levels of absorbency products. On this depends the outcome of cosmetic procedures: effect of repeated efforts, or, conversely, generally has not worked. From 6.00 am to 8.00 am for the procedures are not too good time, but you can improve the appearance with a cool shower or a contrast. Excellent procedure will wash pieces of ordinary ice or ice from the infusion of chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort. Thus, not only do you wake up, wake up and your skin, making it more smooth and supple all day long.

Body Makeup

Hygiene Hygiene – examines the effects of living and working conditions on the person and develops prevention programs to combat various diseases. It provides optimal conditions for the existence, keeps health and prolongs life. Jim Hackett may help you with your research. The term 'health' comes from the Greek word hygieinos – healthful ways that are beneficial. The ancient Greeks depicted the goddess of health in the form of a young woman holding in her hand a cup full of water. They believed her daughter Epiony and the god of health Asklepios (Aesculapius) and gave her a euphonic name Tigieya. Hence the word 'hygiene', that is health care. Healthy lifestyle, personal care, intimate hygiene and hygiene of health – current issues to date.

Products Swiss company JUSTRICH COSMETICS will solve many problems and take care of your body. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, body care must become habitual ordinary procedure, regardless of your age and gender. Grooming – is a mandatory quality and a prerequisite for leading a healthy life, regardless of sex or age. The concept assumes a normal grooming skin, hair, face and body, nails, teeth, figure, coupled with the harmony, cleanliness and neatness of clothing, footwear and accessories, as well as the scent of man. Grooming – it's not appearance, but rather when you are calm and relaxed can take everything that you put on, and become worse from this, you can assume that well-groomed. Line Hydrotherapy Justrich Cosmetics: (Hygiene) Shower Gel Milk & Honey Shower RisovyyGel LavandGel for intimate hygiene Deodorant Body MalvDezodorant body Edelweiss From NARINE You'll always be healthy, beautiful and full of vitality!

Caring Hands

Love of man to woman starts with her beautiful hands, with the first touch to her feminine fingers, when a man with emotion and admiration for breath, and silently he bent over her hand respectfully to tender kiss. Celebrity trainer can provide more clarity in the matter. His dry lips from her radiant skin, it breathes its elusive scent of freshness. And it is this sense of aching tenderness and love between a man and a woman should give a boost to your hands even more delightful, and even skin perfect, and yet graceful movements. To this she would not have to spend much time, but only a few minutes a day to devote his beautiful hands. Every evening, when his hands got tired one day, it can be reassuring for them bath with a decoction of chamomile or lime, dipped in her hands and hold for ten minutes. Center for Environmental Health addresses the importance of the matter here. Then wipe dry and apply a mask on his hands, smoothing the skin: Take one egg white, add one teaspoon of sugar and a good Stir until the sugar dissolves. This mass is necessary to rub on her hands, until it is glued, then rinse with warm water, wet your hands with a napkin and put a fat nourishing cream containing lanolin or spermaceti. After herbal baths and a protein mask will be rested his hands and the skin amazingly soft.

After this you should sawed nails nail file, leading it always from the edges toward the middle, so that the nails were rough. And also that your nails do not overgrown need each day to push the nail skin nail with a roller. This will allow the nail to breathe oxygen to the root, and it becomes brittle.

Dead Sea Skin Products

Cleansing lotion normal (mixed) skin effect: in order to prepare your skin for maximum absorption and assimilate all the useful natural ingredients, the procedure must begin with cleansing. The lotion is suitable for removing accumulated sebum, dead skin cells from the skin or other contaminants, and removal make-up. The drug cleans the pores, improves elasticity of skin fibers, maintains moisture balance and protects it with vitamins A, B and C. This tool is ideal for sensitive skin, no flavorings, and allergens. Natural active ingredients: extracts of ginseng root, figs, extract from the leaves of white tea, vitamin A use: morning and evening to damp skin in circular massage movements in a direction from the center Apply lotion out and clean the face, neck and neck line. Suitable for everyday use. Precautions: Use exactly as prescribed, following the instructions for use. Do not swallow.

Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Fat (problem) The procedure is similar to the skin, as well as for normal (mixed) skin. Dry skin treatment is performed similarly as for normal (mixed) kozhi.2. Cleansing Mud Mask. Normal (mixed) skin Action: Dead Sea mud, which is part of the mask, has antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory, antibacterial, stimulates blood circulation, normalizes process of keratinization in the epidermis and regulates metabolic processes in the dermis, preventing cicatricial skin changes. Deep cleans the pores and prevents the accumulation of dirt, brightens and gives the skin a radiant look. Natural Active components: extracts of chamomile, cranberry, celandine and propolis, proteins and minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins A and B5, clay and mud.

Drawing Lesson

You'll find everything in the box with crayons when drawing begin, you will understand it themselves. When the paint will begin to do … Gennady Gladkov Let modern cosmetic pencils are sold in boxes and do not, but among them an abundance of really can find almost everything you need. Pencils differ in form, content, and, of course, on purpose. The classic version of cosmetic pencils – wooden, but now have become widely used crayons in a special plastic that are easy to sharpen, or do not require grinding – mechanical. Sense of form If you use a lipstick, a cosmetic lip pencil – the attribute of the irreplaceable. Without his makeup looks sloppy and unfinished. Hue pencil should fit the tone of lipstick.

If you're a fanatical fan of the classic lipstick, a vast arsenal of cosmetic pencils for lips you will be sufficient to choose just one – with a neutral shade of a cold or warm, neutral. Our lips are full, thin or swollen, often – skewed. With a pencil drawing of lips can be corrected. If there is no specific set of the image, they should seek to form a correct, classical, sometimes called the "bow of Venus" because of the fact that the upper lip is shaped like a bow. If any corrections need to remember that the deviation from the Natural picture of lips should not exceed 1-2 mm, then the result will look as natural. Thin lips can be made more visually complete, if you use light colors or pencil to apply the outer contour of lips.

Skin Type

Most women can easily identify your skin type. When we buy cosmetics, you will probably agree with me that we must look for what type of disc you skin them, and will be completely believe we made the right choice. The division of skin types for a long time was the basis of caring for her. Modern cosmetic treatment is no longer based on the traditional classification of skin types, which many Foreign experts say far from reality. Beauticians prefer to talk about the state of the skin, arguing that at different moments of her life she behaves quite differently. However, no division into types, as say, is not repealed. It's just convenient – and for beauticians and cosmetics manufacturers, and consumers. We now turn to the real complexes of different facial skin types.

Let's start with the care of normal skin (Characteristics – clean, smooth, fresh, elastic, evenly colored, with no visible wrinkles, pores are practically invisible, there is no peeling, no hypersensitivity;). 1. Makeup removal: to remove a cotton pad makeup with eyes and mouth, using the 'Express-up remover lotion' (Shake before use carefully!). 2. Purification: Deals on damp skin's delicate cream-mousse cleanser ', by massaging a few minutes and wash off with cool water. 3.

Deep purification: Deals on damp skin 'Enzyme Peel', massaging a few minutes and wash off with cool water (use 2 times a week). 4. Toning: wipe face with cotton pad soaked in 'aqua-tonic balance "(avoid the area eyes, do not apply to the eyelid skin).

Beauty Requires Sacrifice Not

"Beauty requires sacrifice!" – Tell us from an early age. Therefore, we have learned to be silent little girls in braids or procedure zapletaniya hair washing. And he grew up, we have increasingly faced with such troubles as painful waxing or hair coloring composition for very specific means. As for anti-aging procedures, at the moment it is also associated with a fairly long and unpleasant form of struggle. It means not only donated a lot of time (required salon visit several times a week, and maybe more!), but also financial resources. Too expensive to take a good beauty salons! That's good, because others may not provide the quality of procedures, but only worsen the situation.

A look beautiful always want to, regardless of whether you are 20 years or 50! Many will be pleased to know that today is now available a new extremely effective cosmetic set for rejuvenation procedures: a series of Dead Sea cosmetics from Crystal Youth DeSheli. It's designed for home use and the quality of this is not something that is not worse, and even several times better. The effect is transfigured face You will notice after a few uses. And over time, applying makeup DeSheli, and you do not believe that such a result is possible: you will see your face looking younger than 10 years. In my opinion, this most of you do not dare to even dream about. The secret is in the cosmetics DeSheli put a certain method of treatment of the skin.

My Best Friend

That day, I can not ever forget! I remember myself the pain of disappointment, anger, resentment. All these feelings are mixed up in me when I saw a young brunette with Stas. As it turned out, she was his new secretary, the appearance of I've learned after his betrayal. After a divorce from him I stayed flat, car and perfumes – the only thing he gave me last year. This year has flown by like a month. With the departure of my boss on maternity leave I was promoted. I was happy because I have long sat in the managers.

And Stas was pleased with my promotion. But that dinner together, in honor of my new position, became the last of our joint campaign to restaurant. In general, the latest release of the joint. Why did it happen? Then I myself did not understand, or rather did not notice that we are alienated from each other. I completely surrendered to the work.

I came home late, exhausted, was emptied from from exhaustion. Time to cook a delicious dinner and then not enough. Husband had only seen on Sundays, when engaged in household chores, and even in this one day a week we had time to quarrel. He tried to tell me that it lacks focus and my affection, but I had no time to think about it. So soon, and I began to spend Sunday with his girlfriend alone. I remember when she told me all the time about a virtual store "Bio ABC" and cosmetics "VIVASAN 'if I did not mess up.

Cleansing Cream

" The series 'Bio-Chrono' includes: Cleansing Cream. Code 1620 Gentle emulsion, which when washing does not destroy the lipid layer of the epidermis and stores natural pH of the skin. Sensitive massaged to distribute the cream to the face, then rinse with warm water. Tonic 150 ml of "energy drinks". Code 1621 Helps skin to wake up, effectively refreshes and tones. Effectively refreshes and tones. Apply to cleansed face, neck and neck with a distance of 15-20 cm by means of a spray.

Leave to soak for a few seconds, blot the excess dry cosmetic tissue. Recommend the use of during the day for a refreshing effect. 200 ml tonic "herbal drink." Code 1622 softens and soothes skin, improves its uvlazhnennosti.Nastoyaschy balm for tired from the stress of the skin. It softens and soothes the skin, increases the level of its moisture content. Aquaxyl complex of plant origin – the concept of progressive hydration. The skin is much smoother to 30% in just 30 days. 250 ml of serum-in amplifier. Kod1626 signal for biological rhythms to match the skin cells.

Assists eliminate the daily symptoms of fatigue, stress, premature aging and reduces dark circles under the eyes. 15 ml tool, activate the reserves of the skin upon waking. Kod1623 Thanks to the special recipe, the cream helps the skin wake up and activates intracellular processes. Apply on face, neck and neck. Aquaxyl complex of plant origin – the concept of progressive hydration. The skin is much smoother to 30% in just 30 days. 50 ml Remedy harmonizing the biorhythms of the skin during sleep. Code 1624 Sets the intracellular mechanisms for relaxation. Facilitates the efficient recovery of the skin during rest and eliminates signs of fatigue. Aquaxyl complex plant origin – the concept of progressive hydration. The skin is much smoother to 30% in just 30 days. 50 ml Eye contour cream. Code 1625 Helps eliminate the daily signs of fatigue, stress, premature aging and reduces dark under-eye circles. A mixture of natural tocopherols Tocomix – an effective antioxidant. 15 ml of innovative kosmetsevticheskaya series 'Bio-Chrono', it is not just a cosmetic line of class 'luxury', a unique means of class 'Premium'. 'Smart' means 'Chrono-Bio' know how to turn the impossible into the possible – make up for all that valuable, that the skin is not able to get the night and protect from all that aggressive, he expects her day. The beauty of the biological clock is possible!


Many of the things I like the beautician, seem obvious. But to others, it turns out they do not manifest beforehand. For example, frequently asked questions here such a plan: "What's wrong with lanolin? His own use, even in children's creams! ". Or: 'Well, if I oily skin, then what's wrong with tonic with alcohol? ". And all is not as easy as it seemed to me time after time having to explain the same thing.

So I decided to just tell you about the ingredients of cosmetics that are worth to be avoided, and that it is high time to stop using, but … In general, what components in cosmetics should be avoided, why should it do and how they can be replaced: 1. Mineral oil (petrolatum, mineral oil, liquid paraffin): Highly petroleum products. Not absorbed into the skin, but make a film on its surface, not allowing the skin to breathe, leaving a feeling of heaviness and fatness. There is no good, and even more so, it's not healthy for the skin. May provoke allergies, blackheads, skin irritation.

Prevents the absorption of active ingredients of creams and serum. What can I use instead? * Vegetable oil is preferred. 2. Lanolin (lanilin): The fat is washed out of shorn fleece. Provokes severe allergies. Studies from FDA found the content of chemical insecticides in lanolin. In addition, the lanolin is very strong and unpleasant smell, which makes manufacturers use fragrances in cosmetics. The alternative – of silk amino acids and vegetable oils.