The Spirit

The DNA is the essence of the human being created by God, entire gift in each new individual that is generated. It adoeceu because the human being, fragile by its very nature, fell in the fondness temptation to be strong as God. You may find Ford to be a useful source of information. But, everything is not lost. It can review its foolishness and deliver the restoring action to it of God Mother for the conjunct and the practical one of the right and of justice, of the fraternity. ' ' The Father of the Sky will give the Espirito Santo to that asking for: I will give one alone heart to them, I will put in its soul a new spirit: I will remove the heart of rock of its chest and in it I will put a meat heart. You love if me, you observe my order: You love you the one others as love I you. I will supplicate the Father and it will give another Comforter to you, so that pra always remains with you.

The Spirit helps our weakness, because we do not know to ask for as it agrees. But he himself intercedes for us with moans inefveis' ' (18); (19); (20) (21). The conjunct with faith restores the health original, cure the human DNA and in them it makes new creatures. ' ' God, creates in me a new heart, renews a firm spirit in my chest. It returns the joy to me of your salvation and that a generous spirit me sustente' ' (22). But, the cure alone will become fullfilled if the conjunct if to express in the workmanships of the faith. ' ' It is enough to praise me with the lips and to have the heart far from me. It is enough to bring me vain offerings. They are for me a pack; I am tired to load it.

The Profession

Nowadays and to be right, already he makes some time, the panorama of the used relation between and employer comes suffering alterations, where wanting or, when it has a descompensao in the relation gains x earns, one of the two parts it will not make for demanding its will, that in fact is its right. In case that contrary, it will adopt measured to the search of its well-being, distant good of the place and traditional methods. This privilege is not alone of the companies. The employees had gained autonomy, power of decision, abilities in the bargain and whenever they are in real conditions to fight and to demand, by all means, they will go to the fight. Was time where parents made career in one definitive job, where they entered and they leave (only for death or retirement), in majority of cases making during perpetual long years same thing and whose bigger accomplishment was to use the son and that it followed its same steps, to feel healthy pride to teach, as they had always made since that we are born, accurately, what they knew. This thought today is almost that inconceivable.

The stability in the job is not subordinated to the stagnation, to the fact of not to have used to advantage the life to learn new things, to try other environments and power to be owner of your destination. Until making the same and only thing, if specializing and turning a sumidade in one determined aspect, always it will have the possibility to exert the profession, in different places, that offer better conditions to you and that they provide a bigger valuation to you of your force of work, that as much in a place as in another one, what you repetidamente make you are to vender it and this will be always positive. The staff of the old ones deserves our respect all, all our consideration, simply because the times were others and the values and the customs had evolved.