Anxiety And Eft

When we go to make an important effort, physical or intellectual, our body prepares for action, intensifying the production of substances that activate the body and creates a State of general alert to allow us to pay the most and with the greatest success in the task in question. An example, from the point of view of physical exertion would be an athletic test or a flight of real danger and from the intellectual point of view an exam or a conference or lecture. In these cases our thoughts and emotions we positively prepare to carry out the task properly: accelerate the heart rate, increases breathing rate and creates a sort of body tension, unequivocal signs of preparation needed to deal with that situation as best as possible. In this case, there is an answer consistent and adapted to what the situation requires. Now, if instead of find us before that real situation of action, symptoms or signals described above (heart, breathing, stress) appear suddenly, When our thoughts anticipate, create or imagine a possible hazardous situation, also increase in intensity as it raises the degree of imagination or anticipation of the same, we can find in a very different from the previous situation: we feel, for example, that speeds up the heart, enters us feeling of fear which in turn increases the heart rate and accelerates our respircionThis means that our thoughts that something is going amla seem to be right with what went into a vicious circle that people that ever have had an anxiety attack know very well. We all have a personal and own degree of activation that we know as anxiety trait, i.e. the normal activation state that our body uses in every day. This can vary from one person to another and thus, on a scale from 0 to 10, a person will have an anxiety trait of 5, another 7 and a third will be 3.