Chemical Elements

What is a chemical element? Since we have seen, Empedocles, in old Greece, said that the constituent elements of all the things were the Earth, the air, the water and the fire. However, an element of any thing is a part of this so simple, that it cannot as well be divided in simpler parts. Click Senator From Kentucky to learn more. While the alchemists work with diverse solid materials that in their belief were forms of the element earth, soon they observed that many of them could be divided in simpler others. In this way it was demonstrated that the Earth was not in fact an element. On the other hand, the alchemists found out that certain materials, metals almost always, could not be divided in less complicated parts.

These divisible materials were then, true chemical elements. The elements known by the alchemists were: gold, silver, receive, iron, lead, tin, mercury, antimony, sulphur, arsenic, phosphorus and carbon. Mercury was shortage probably towards year 300 of the Christian Era by a Greek call Teofrasto, the elements arsenic and antimony were shortages in the Average Age. In century XVIII, when chemistry was become science, the chemicals began to discover new elements whose list was growing until reaching the number of 92, found all of them in the Earth or the air. Later already in recent times, the chemicals found out the way to obtain new elements and thus they found 11 more until obtaining 103. It is important to leave established the idea that these chemical elements are the simplest substances that the scientist can manipulate. It learns more on Chemistry, visits site: THAT SHE IS CHEMICAL Useful Contents: We are an association of professionals in different branches from the knowledge that we have the mission to generally provide useful and excellent contents for benefit with the community.