Caring For Your Car Tires

Caring for your car tires Car tires – are the most important link between the vehicle and the road. It is therefore very important to keep tires in good condition and replace them using special equipment. Tire size at their first assembly on the car is determined by the designers themselves tire manufacturers of cars and taking into account all the nuances of operation. When replacing the tires should not change their size, type, load index and speed without the help of professionals. 1. Tyre pressures should be noted in the instruction manual for your car, and marked on your car. The pressure value refers to the cold tires, it should not fall below.

Bus in a heated state, for example, as a result of driving have high blood pressure. Do not let hot air out of tires, or the pressure falls below normal. Necessary to check the tire pressure in their cold state every 14 days. If the pressure is too low, the bus can get warm and internal injuries. High-speed tread can peel off and the tire may burst. Hidden tire damage is not corrected, bringing the pressure falls to the desired level 2.

Runs over the curb slowly and carefully and if possible, at right angles. Do not run into high and sharp-angled curb or other object as it is can lead to visible damage to the bus, which will cause problems later on – the bus may break at higher speeds. 3. Regularly check the tires for the presence of such lesions, which can penetrate into the depth of the tire, and well as for cuts, tears or hernias. Foreign objects can damage the tire from the inside. Have your tire dealer or other specialist will check whether the tire repaired. If the tire repair is not possible, replace the tire. Damaged tires may burst. 4. Never install in your car used tires, whose previous operating conditions are unknown to you. And remember that tires age, even when not in use, or use a little. If Your reserve is not used for several years, you should use it only when needed and drive with extreme caution. 5. Regularly check tire tread depth of your car. Make sure that the bus comply with the depth of the tread. The optimal variant sodezhat tires of your car in perfect condition – regularly stop off at the tire and diagnose all-wheel drive