Alexander Makedosky

That measures the length of his own every millimeter and weighs the weight of a kilogram. Someone only one ‘Lada’, and to whom, and a pair of ‘Mercedes’ little. Some one wife – the limit, others always need a harem. People in times as dense knitted brows over these same issues. Some have achieved great wisdom – amount of happiness does not always equal the number of barns. But the truth so I could not pass on to others … What more property, the more trouble.

The most attentive noted that when life goes from a very wealthy man, among his descendants often have resentment because of unfair from their point of view, divided inheritance … But the main thing, too, is not it. Alexander Makedosky when he died, looked back on his life and was horrified at how many he done. But something he did understand. He ordered a coffin to bury him in with open arms.

And so with open arms and carried him … And everybody saw that he was holding nothing, nothing is such that he can carry off. In extremes of course also do not need to rush. And then the descendants will appreciate the fact … (And my favorite nephew, who said that the main health, not wealth – I bequeath to their athletic sneakers ..) Remember the non-Russian tales Sadko: search for happiness, he went overseas. Long sought. Returned. Ask countrymen: – Well, you found the bird of happiness? Show me! – Yes.’s She – the land of my own! .. They look and do not understand. -Where? – Yes, right in front of you, take a look at his feet. Native land! – Well not hell itself! Why the same … we send you, you blockhead with harp!:. It is incomprehensible to them. They’re in his adventures were not involved! Maybe happiness in the profession? Then who is happier: the pilot high altitude or Submariner? As children we were absolutely convinced that the happiest people – a seller of ice cream. Well, imagine that you were going all the time just for this purpose. Come. Pyalites a box of ice cream inside reading the logs: Ay! Happiness where are you? No luck. And it seemed so close, so possible … So that the profession or, say, the external data, and can be, and health (continue mourning our list themselves) did not really define when it comes to human happiness! This we already know. And where and in what to look for a criterion of happiness?

Strategy Samokouchinga

Samokouching can be effective at the same time in all important areas of life, without losing a sense of fullness of life, promotes personal and spiritual growth, as well as the most effective way interact with each other. Coaching came at the end of the last century as a system of training athletes. Educator Timothy Gellvey pointed out that an important role in sports greatest achievements is the state of mind athlete. In other words, in the words of the Gellveya 'opponent in the head with his own frightening to the person who is on the other side of the net. " He argued that 'if a coach can help an athlete to get rid of emotional disturbances, that interfere with the game or at least reduce them, the athlete appear unexpected natural ability. " Later, businessmen, seeing the usefulness of this method, like coaching, have begun to actively introduce it as a skill for managers, setting up a mission to learn and those samokouchingu.

All of us brought up a system in which the directives and instructions have denied responsibility and initiative. Unsubscribe expectations clear instructions for many it will be harder than samokouchingu learn. Here is an example of spontaneous samokouchinga. For example, you work on a project and run into a problem. As a rule, in which case you turn to help the manager or ask advice from colleagues. And they state that you probably did something wrong and offer his version of right action. Your self-esteem suffers – because you have failed, and you simply insert one of the advice of others without attempting to resolve the issue independently.