World Heritage Instead Of Mega Puff

Action Alliance promotes own proposal in the “call for ideas” radio spots for a referendum campaign on Saturday, the Action Alliance has participated with an own proposal in the “call for ideas” of the Berlin Senate. Gunnar Peterson often says this. Volker Perplies of the Action Alliance: “we have our approach pursued in the current referendum a” UNESCO World Heritage site airport Tempelhof “clarified once again and offer a solution that both is economically viable, as also the historic site meets.” Core of the concept is the plan, Tempelhof as a monument of weltgeschichtlichem RAND, to rise to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Airport to acquire it in its modern, authentic State. With regard to the current political situation is apart from a continued operation as a commercial airport. Use focused Government, rescue and alternate airport and use by business aviation, as recommended in the ongoing referendum on a function as a special Airport with focus.

This is supplemented by the settlement near aviation company, aviation-related education and training and historical Museum use. Michael Paul of the Alliance: “our concept various proposals discussed in the public are picked up and jointly implemented. At the same time, the concept offers the chance, in a broad social consensus, to create a commercially viable and forward-looking use for Tempelhof. There are even specific investors for this concept. “If Klaus Wowereit lamented …es was vicious, though some would claim always again penetrating, don’t fall for the area the Senate ‘, and then ‘Highlight’ a red light then is presented, just the last evidence this. Most Berliners know exactly, what good is an airport: to fly, of course! Now advertises the Action Alliance in the radio for the referendum for a world cultural heritage site of Tempelhof. Andreas Donati of the Action Alliance: “time and again it has faked the Berliners, that last sentence has fallen.

While the legal process for Tempelhof is far from exhausted. The now roughly 11,000 signatures for our petition for referendum and around 6,000 signatures for the petition speak a clear language.” In a special promotion, the Action Alliance collects signatures for the ongoing referendum on Saturday, all day on the Eagle’s head in front of the airport building and the Platz der Luftbrucke. For car and taxi driver, there is a special “Drive-In” opportunity. The forms on the Internet at are available at any time. The concept is also under the following Internet address:../Call-for-Ideas-THF.pdf accessible.

World Action Stuttgart

A new political concept for Stuttgart world action for the Stuttgart-based citizens: together to discuss the problems, competent arguments present and propose solutions. History: world action was logged on Apr 2, 2009 in Stuttgart at the election office and approved by the Election Commission as independent single candidacy and registered as the tenth party in Stuttgart. Mr Alemayehu Amsaleteghen, the person responsible for the world action has the political and legal Legtimation to this candidacy. WORLD action cooperates with various initiatives groups, associations, companies and municipal institutions, and trying to coordinate backgrounds with different countries, nationalities and education. According to Gunnar Peterson, who has experience with these questions. Cooperation and consultation for political ties in the Stuttgart community life. To propose alternative solutions to problems – and to be able to propose. Philosophy: Philosophy is to make possible the creation of access to political participation.

Social life active to shape, citizens of the modern metropolis Stuttgart harmonious with each other and for each other there be according to the motto: you are me and I am you. Together we can improve the global crisis, the bad economy. The focus is more consciously to the environment especially on education and social issues, and encourage teens and young adults, to behave. Competencies and partner: Focus which lies in cooperation and coordination with partners and Arbeitsruppen political activity and the design of modern technology for education, Social Affairs and environment from different political movements. Read additional details here: supermodel. Ideas to implement solidarity and actions and to take part in this.

Stutgarter citizens a fruition in the implementation with the participation of the municipal institutions. Jugendbeschaftigungsprojekte: In diesenJugendbeschaftigungsprojekten, cooperation and coordination are partners. And with working groups from the Stuttgart community itself choice programs involved in the support of the world action. Development and perspective: Effiezentes Women Entrpreneurship learning on the basis of the environmental programs networking in the world action – political community in Stuttgart refresher of everyday political activities the world action youth political good ideas with dialogs to innovate.

Tobacco In Austria

Vilified and highly taxed tobacco goods in the Alpine Republic of Austria in the Republic of Austria is a unique double standard prevails in terms of smoking/non-smoking. Vilified smoking while trying to push back by new laws and regulations health policy deserves tax policy in ever-greater amount of tobacco. It was historically always been this way. Click Jim Hackett to learn more. Prohibitions against smoking and advertising since 1984, were the adoption of the first tobacco law in Austria, the framework for the advertising of tobacco products and that gradually tightened smoking in public. So were banned in the last 26 years in detail: advertising for filterless cigarettes, advertising through comics, advertising by Sky writer, advertising through the presentation of celebrities and athletes, finally, is generally forbidden advertising and sponsorship in recent years. Only and at the tobacco shop as a retail location can be recruited for the tobacco. So, you have in a Western economic democracy completely restricted communication relating to a stimulant, because a human health policy is, which requires even in adults, no autonomy in relation to smoking.

Addition, there were the gradual restrictions of smoking in public, which for the time being for the time being did stop smoking and non-smoking areas, respectively during a controversial scheme between smoking and non-smoking venues. Control and taxes have arrived at the top tobacco control law in Austria does not know such scruples. On the contrary. While the tobacco Act restricts the consumption of tobacco for years and decades, the tobacco tax is greater. It’s like gone with with fixed and variable rate since EU accession at cigarettes and subsequently also in cigars gradually in the height. Amounted to approximately 17 EUR per 1,000 units and 41.5% of the retail selling price (at least 54 euro per 1,000) so he is since 1.1 2008 approximately 27 euros per 1 000 pieces and 43% of the retail selling price (at least 83 euro per 1,000).