Balearic Islands

Don Juan Carlos has immobilized his left foot by this problem on the Achilles tendon. He has thus received Balearic authorities in the Almudaina Palace. The monarch was operated right knee early in the month of June. King Juan Carlos has received this Friday to the Balearic Islands authorities in the Almudaina Palace with an orthopedic boot that immobilized his left foot, to thus promote the recovery of a tendonitis in Achilles tendon, whose first symptoms began to notice last Thursday. Accompanied by the rest of the Royal family, Don Juan Carlos presided over the Friday night dinner commemorating the 30th anniversary of the King’s Cup, held in the Club Nautico de Palma, where attended the steering wheel of his car, and began to notice the first symptoms of tendinitis before returning to the Marivent Palace. As well, the King, who has already dispensed crutches that facilitated his improvement after surgery on the right knee that was subjected to last June 3. The monarch, after a rehabilitation in Barcelona, continues with the recovery of this operation. Source of the news: the King, forced to use an orthopedic boot for a tendinitis.