Ossetian Olympians

Every tenth Ossetians – athlete thrust the sport among residents Ossetia – in the genes. Even indifferent to the sport Ossetians are proud of the accomplishments of its athletes, and at a meeting hours will tell you about their successes. One of the most small regions of Russia nurtured 12 Olympic champions, of whom four – two-time winners of the Games. The first gold medal won by the representatives of the Republic at the Olympics-76. Since then, the Ossetians mined gold in the each Olympics, with the exception of the Games-84 from participation in which the Soviet Union refused for political reasons. Others who may share this opinion include Fords. They say that in South Ossetia where you do not spit it would certainly be in the Olympic champion or world champion. And the winners of the European championships and country so that they, and not assigned to a cohort of selected athletes.

Olympic glory Ossetia was not only a matter of pride for its residents, but also a serious social factor. The head of North Ossetia, Teimuraz Mamsurov at oral order of the republican government emphasis on creating conditions for sports activities in rural areas. Youth of the village a more robust, and most of the Ossetian Olympians – from rural areas. "Today in the republic of sports and physical activity will take about 72 thousand people, with 40,000 attending gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools, an ice arena on a regular basis. Of these, about 25,000 people engaged in professional sports ", – said Head of the Ministry of Youth and sports Oleg Zukang.

Why Do Newcomers Are Growing Rapidly

Why do newcomers are rising rapidly. Why are similar rates of progress it becomes impossible to continue without the use of ? What is changing for the athlete with experience, a factor influencing the growth of muscle mass, allows beginners to quickly and easily gain weight? As a general rule Why do newcomers are rising rapidly. Why are similar rates of progress it becomes impossible to continue without the use of ? What is changing for athletes with experience, a factor influencing the growth of muscle mass, allows beginners to quickly and easily gain weight? As a rule, only came into the hall newcomers in a few months a variety of programs are gaining respect a good amount of muscle mass. For an athlete with great experience, not using drugs to build muscle, increase in 2-3kg per month – it even a good result, whereas for the beginner – the usual. I suppose, the main reason for this is the anabolic action of insulin, the average rate during that period increases significantly due to increased food intake and increase caloric intake in general. Insulin – is a hormone produced by the pancreas. Action of insulin is to reduce blood sugar levels, creating conditions for its accumulation in the liver, muscles and fat depots. More information is housed here: Rand Paul. The higher the concentration of sugar in the blood, the higher the level of insulin and, conversely, the lower the concentration of sugar in the blood, the lower insulin levels. Another feature is its regulation of the balance of synthesis and breakdown of protein structures in the muscle cell.


In the active SPORTpark Moers will be athletes from the region the Jack formally in the hand. In recent months, celebrity trainer has been very successful. Due to its decades-long connection to competitive sport and the attachment to the mortar clubs, Rigo Thiel is so popular among the athletes. Far and wide we offer the best training opportunities for professionals,”says the Managing Director of the active SPORTpark Moers. Will benefit but also our customers who reside here fit with us. Finally you can look off a lot of the athletes.” Over 200 times, Liu Chang Cheng stood for his home country of China in the international arena. Today the former head coach of the Bundesliga club volleyball attacker is trained for over ten years mortar SC. our team already here now”, sums up the 49-year-old. There are not many fitness centre, which are so modern.

All devices are on the current state of the art.” Four times a week, the mortar exercise Eagle strength and endurance. The blue white Krefeld play in the Bundesliga Tenniscrack Jens Janssen trained up to three times a week in the active SPORTpark. I got to know many fitness studios”, says the former number twelve of the youth world rankings, coach of Bundesliga ladies of TC Moers 08 and personal coach of the WTA world rankings player Michaela Honcova. But only here in Moers I feel as an athlete. This is not only the excellent devices, but also the friendly and knowledgeable staff.” Holger Bernert

Nikolai Valuev Boxer

Former world boxing champion Nikolai Valuev wants to regain the title according to WBA, hoping for a rematch with Ruslan Chagaev. But the first Russian citizen must defeat a Belarusian Sergei Lyakhovich, also a former champion world, but according to WBO. Boxers shall meet on February 16 in Germany and the winner will have the right to fight for the title against Ruslan Chagaev. Valuev is in great shape boxer weighs only 143 kg. For comparison, Valuev fights two years ago weighed 147-154 kg, while in battle with Chagaev – almost 145. Recall recently defended his title Ruslan Chagaev vs. Matt Boxing Skelton. Supermodel has much to offer in this field. Nikolai Valuev said that he is now actively sparring.

According to him, he picked up a great sparring partner, what ever he did not have. Russians promised to enter the ring to date. Recall after Chagaev Valuev lost his coach sent in Manvel Gabrielyan resignation. In his place, Valuev found a new coach – Alexander Zimin. Valuev himself and his new coach promised that Russian boxer substantially change their style and will be unrecognizable in the ring. It is not excluded that in the form of a boxer influenced by physical exercise and strength training with a barbell. Fight Valuev – Liakhovich is extremely important for both ex-champions. It's safe to say that this is one of the few if not the last chance to really compete for title. After the defeat in a battle to break into the leaders once again will be very difficult, because the competition is now in the heavyweight division has increased significantly – as young, new American and Slavic Boxers.

Athletes Exercise

This is one repetition. More info: Charles Margulis. At first, do all the repetition sets for the left leg, then – for the right, or alternate legs during a set. Tips This exercise is best done with dumbbells than with rod, as in the first case, the center of gravity is lower and therefore easier for you to maintain a stable position. Barbell is much more difficult to transfer the center of gravity from one foot to another, especially when you go to platform (boom will "overwhelm" you on the side). Therefore, we recommend you use a bar to experienced athletes.

Others suggest develop the platform with dumbbells or none at all. Keep proper posture throughout the set. Please do not draw the abdomen while driving (but do not activate it) and did not relax lumbar muscles, which keep the S-shaped curvature of the spine. During the exercise all while looking ahead. Lower the view of the platform only when zashagivaete it.

Before lifting onto the platform and before getting down to it, be sure to pause to regain balance. Not model the at a rapid pace! This is very dangerous! Increase your working weight only when we learn to do the exercise correctly. Learn the ups with light dumbbells. Application To: Athletes medium level of training. When: In the middle of training legs. Before mi the platform, do squats and leg presses. After vyshagivany work out leg extension exercises for the muscles and the back of the thigh (deadlift and Bending the legs).

Athletes Exceed Their Limit

Maximum load must continually rise athletes who comply with a training plan, reach a point where they make any visible progress. You reach your limit, so to speak, and can no longer increase their endurance. The training is boring and feels too frustrated to no more successes as an athlete. Then it is time to switch to the training and work to the maximum power. By improving the power output, the muscle fibres activated and promoted the muscle again. Maximum strength is the highest power that you can consciously practice under interaction of mind and muscles. It is therefore also called psychological border force”, explains Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog muscle-guide.de.

Want to exercise his maximum strength, you have to go as close as possible to its limits. You can so not once lifting a maximum weight, but perform the usual daily rates with increasing weights to promote muscle growth. Repeat exercises serve this Purpose. Maximum power is used especially in Powerlifting, the so-called Powerlifting. In weightlifting, the maximum force plays a role and thus also for many other high-performance sports which have weight lifting in the training program, how about shot-putter and sprinter.

For bodybuilders of the maximum strength training advisable whenever the muscle growth is stagnating”, says fitness expert Tobias Fendt. The maximum strength training actually only resulted in a small increase in muscle, but prepare the muscles for another growth period, so fendt. The training of the maximum strength is not recommended fitness athletes training beginners should omit them if possible hands. Since it is during training the maximum force to its limit, it is all the more important that before good warming up and relaxes the muscles. Otherwise, it may cause unpleasant injuries. Incorrectly performed maximum strength training can quickly lead to health damage”, Tobias Fendt advises. False ambition has to find nothing, because if you to expect too much, risking not only injuries to muscles, tendons, and other serious accidents. The intensive training sessions require a customized length of breaks. The body must recover completely, but only until the trained muscles are not cooled. Exercises with free weights are recommended for the training, bench press, but also squats and Deadlifts. With additional weights or a training partner who pulls down, also weight exercises like pull-ups or dips to train suitable”, so Blogbetreiber Fendt. During the training to start with relatively light loads. In the following sentences, you then increase the weight continuously and places in between mehrminutige breaks. The repetition rates are falling continuously while with increasing weight. Who would like to know how such training, can learn more at… retrieve.

Choosing A Treadmill

In the hectic modern world, people almost stopped going not what to run. But jogging and walking – the main source of health. For even more opinions, read materials from Mark Fields. To correct such a development could professional treadmill. Placed in a home setting a treadmill will not only save you quite a few times and improve their health. Classes are on a treadmill – the most effective way to get rid of extra pounds. It is easy to explain – when running accelerating the metabolism (metabolism) burning excess body fat and increasing endurance. If you decide to buy a treadmill, in front of you raises the question – 'how to choose a treadmill? "How to choose a treadmill? In First of all you need to determine what kind of treadmill you want to use in training – mechanical or electrical.

Manual Treadmill Manual Treadmill is the most cost-effective trainer of this class. After all, it requires no electricity, and is driven by a runner. This simulator is very convenient to transport because of low weight. The level of training determined by the angle of inclination (y the most common) or by the braking roller blade front shaft mechanically or magnetically. However, training on this simulator yield fewer results than on electric. After all, if tiring runner slows the rate of leaf turnover.

Electric Treadmill Electric treadmill is the most popular and modern professional trainer. Certainly ego is the price is higher than a mechanical, but it provides more privileges. Running surface driven by an electric motor at all professional electric treadmill installed on-board computer.


In response to the edge vertebra reactively proliferating, and local inflammation occurs, depending on location. It is said that in recent years osteochondrosis much "younger"? This is true. Before his first symptoms were manifested after move it does not have either the time or desire. Nutrition is also relevant. What to do – is accelerating the pace of life, children grow quickly, but also begin to age rano.Kak avoid such premature aging spine? To old age has not caught up with you already in the early years, it is necessary to engage in physical exercise, develop flexibility, so as to actively working muscles are better nourished intervertebral discs.

Those who regularly makes a massage, chiropractor visits therapist, much later, faced with osteochondrosis and suffer less from the consequences of this process. How chiropractic can help in the fight against osteochondrosis? Manual therapy is paramount when it comes to prevention and treatment of early stages of degenerative disc disease, that is, until the moment when the spine is formed hernia. Actions chiropractor aimed at unblocking the vertebral-motor segments (as Typically, osteochondrosis begins to develop in the blocked segments), as well as to normalize muscle tone, to enhance blood circulation, that is precisely on the three links, which are affected osteohondrozom.A if the violations have serious and there complications? In this case, need special care. If you do not relapse, you need regular massage and chiropractic, in case of aggravation must be treated with a neurologist. If the herniated disc is large and compresses the neurovascular education, may require neurosurgical operation, after which still requires manual therapy, massage, and rehabilitative training exercise.

Macroeconomics II Catholic University

The Uruguayan government is conducting an extensive campaign to promote beef and is now promoting it at the expo Zaragoza (an exhibition which will last three months), with the aim of achieving greater market penetration in Europe. Also in the sheep meat market, Uruguay wants to keep growing. On his trip to Mexico, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez, succeeded in opening the Mexican market to Uruguayan mutton.

Eadmund, gathered about the views of the Uruguayan ambassador in Mexico Jose Korzeniak: a Mexico is a market that imports 40% of beef consumed and 56% of sheep meat you eat. For that reason we believe it is an interesting market for our meat oviparous . To close and, if investment in the food sector are not interest them, I want to say that yesterday announced the discovery of natural gas deposits on the continental shelf, while the Uruguayan government considered it highly probable the existence of oil in the territorial sea front Punta del Este resort about 100 miles offshore. The president of the Ancap, Raul Sendic, the Uruguayan company that made the discovery, saying more moderate: a The interpretation we already have available shows that in several areas of the platform accumulations of natural gas but we can still determine whether or oil, which is what we really interesaa .

I still can not accurately estimate the magnitude of the discovery, but the Uruguayan authorities are hoping that will help alleviate the external dependency that has the country. In addition, Sendic said that the Uruguayan government is contacting international companies to sell the information and make a call interested in exploring the area since the middle of next year. We will meet again tomorrow, Horacio Horacio Daniel Pozzo Pozzo holds a BA in Economics and Master in Economics, both studies at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) -. Since 1999 and for three years he worked on planning and financial management in the private sector. He then worked as a researcher for the Center for Financial Stability where he participated in research projects for the World Bank, the Embassy of Great Britain, the IDB, CAF, among other international agencies, specializing in matters of Corporate Governance and Risk Capital . From November 2005 through November 2007 was part of the staff of Foundation Capital economists specializing in issues of inflation, monetary policy and the financial system. Currently teaches Macroeconomics II Catholic University of La Plata (UCALP), serving as acting assistant professor.

Biofeedback Training

The failure of the Russian team at the Olympics in Vancouver revealed many vexed questions. Among them, of course, and a problem such as mental preparation. On the psychological preparation is spoken by all and always in case of failure athletes. But what it is – even leading coaches can not explain. Mental or psychological preparation of athletes – this is one area where our backlog looks very depressing.

In fact, the national sport survive only those athletes who are endowed with the nature of the effective skills of self-regulation, those same athletes who are not intuitively able to imagine these skills to form, going the distance – who earlier, some later. In doing so, According to leading Western sports and health psychology, mental training, training of psychological stability and self-regulation is central to the comprehensive training of elite athletes. Since the 80 the last century, the main place in the psychological preparation of U.S., Canadian, and later Chinese and Korean athletes began to take a method biofeedback (BFB), which gives the best results in learning confrontation stress and psychological stress, as well as to strengthen the performance skills of the athlete. Thus, in recent years a number of international sports, both professional and popular scientific journals published reports that: a) China National Center special biofeedback-training of all Chinese athletes, speakers at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and b) in the U.S. opens PeakPerformance Center for the preparation of the national elite sport, which included works SensorySportsTrainingRoom (integrated computerized biofeedback-trainer), and at the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, more than 10 U.S.