The Human Condition

The idiots will only speak, for serious intellectual deficiency. The language will be reduced the simple gustativo agency and the vocal ropes will diminish in a fatal atrophy. In exchange the women will be quiet beautiful. the men, wisely calados.' ' They are these, the ones that inhabit here, that they cover the sojourn of immortality, and had conquered it they had deserved as it, and not only had assumed new responsibilities, because immortality it is not the immobility, are above of the Eros. In the Slap-up meal, Plato dinamiza – ' ' What it is, therefore, Eros? It will be mortal? – In way none.

– But what it is, after all, Diotime? – He is a great genius, Scrates, because all genius is between what he is mortal and what is the holy ghost. – And which the function of the geniuses? – To be messengers and the interpreters of the men for deuses and these for homens' '. *** Afora the ones that more do not inhabit and loan in lands here co-sisters the brightness of the exported talentos becoming of the literary art well-known consecrated cultores. more still the new generation that I eat the luminous accounts of a rosary already brings sedimented the erudio: Luiz Antonio Barreto and of the Alencar Luiz Carlos, Hunald, Clodoaldo and Leonardo; Jackson Cavalcante, Joo Coast, Ezequiel Hunter Eduardo Vital and Garci’a, Petrnio Gomes and other bards. Also to the women the Academy the doors must open wide coloring of stars night and day. To receive you, on behalf of as much illustrious confrades, the word would have to be stronger than the joy, as Tchen, of ' ' There Condition Humaine' ' of Malraux, j cherche one mot plus fort that Joe. Silence, not! Therefore as Edgard Allam Poe versejou. ' ' Our world is made of a thousand terms and calls Silence the calm the deserts vainest of the existing words.


In the return the athletical one played ties up to for it and flamengo, helped for the judge, earned of 3×2. In the following year, 1981, historical year for flamengo, champion of the world, also it was marked by a escancarada aid of it I decide Jose Robert Wright, who travelled the same in airplane of the Cariocas and was in the same hotel. In the game that classified one of the teams for the semifinal of the liberators of America the first game finished of 2×2. Placar if repeated in the game in return. An extra game and in neutral field was marked.

The judge banished five players from the athletical one, initiating for Reinaldo, the biggest artilleryman of the time, after that Eder Aleixo, in a normal lack. The rooster was obliged to leave the field. The classification was given flamengo. In the gazette of today, sunday 10/12/11, Zico, the greater idolo of flamengo, said that the adversary most difficult in all the trajectory of the heading was the athletical one. In the truth flamengo did not earn of the Rooster. The athletical one had a great teams and in the mundialito of 1981, disputed one year before the 1982 pantry, the Brazilian election counted on the goleiro Joo Milk, the zagueiro Luizinho, the stocking Toninho Cerezo, Pablo Izidoro also in the way, the aggressors Reinaldo and Eder Aleixo.

In the following year, in the pantry where Brazil had optimum teams, with exception of the election of 1970, Skin and cia, it wanted the destination that Brazil was not the champion. This election of the Tele technician Santana was established in the teamses of the athletical one and flamengo. Of the Rooster they had been the Luizinho, Cerezo, Pablo Isidoro and Eder Aleixo. Of flamengo they had been Leandro, Jnior and the Zico. All these bearers. The others itulares had been Socrates, of corinthians; Hawk, of the International. The So Paulo ordered the two errors of the Tele Santana: The goleiro Valdir Peres and the aggressor Serginho Chulapa. The Reinaldo was hurt and it was not convoked. The Robert Dynamite was and he did not play. The two goleiros reserves, Pablo Sergio and Carlos, they were better of what Valdir Peres. Exactly thus, the election played pretty and it was not champion. Another championship very argued ties today, the Pantry Union of 1987, earns for flamengo would have to be of the Athletical one. The championship had two turns and two keys. The regulation foresaw that the first one and second placed of each key would make a semifinal and end. Only that the athletical one gained the two turns in the two keys that played, that is: it would have to be the direct champion, as and today the Carioca championship. Not, it had the semifinal with athletical, the champion one of two turns, the International, first of a turn in a key and cruise, champion of a turn in a key. Flamengo, second placed in a key in as the turn completed the halfones. The Flameno was champion, worse classified amongst the quatros. Later the champion of the pantry union (second division) would have to play one end with the champion of it modulates yellow, but flamengo if refused to play and the CBF declared brasieiro champion the Sport. (without accent-keyboard of tablet).