The Hair

Tinases a fungal scalp infection. It can cause small patches of peeling and some hair loss. Improper care of the cabelloMuchas women use chemical treatments on your scalp, such as dyes, dyes, bleaches, enderezadores and permanent waves. Chemical treatments can damage hair if done incorrectly. Hair weakens and breaks when these substances are applied frequently or if left too long, if two procedures are done on the same day or if bleach is applied to a previously bleached hair.

If hair becomes too porous and dull by excessive exposure to chemical treatments, is advisable to suspend these treatments until the hair recovers. Shampoo, hair and brushing are necessary for a proper hair care, but if they become inappropriate or excessive way can damage the hair, causing rupture of the stalk or threadbare their tips. A conditioner or repairer can be used after shampoo to decrease the force required to comb the hair and also make it more manageable. When there are broken tips and difficult styling hair, is it advisable to use of repairers with Sera from silicone. Excess water must be dried and not rubbed vigorously with a towel. When hair is wet its structure is more fragile, so that a hairstyle or vigorous brushing should be avoided. Forget the old recommendation of brushing or combing in excess, since it damages hair. Natural (boar bristle toothbrushes) use preferably with widely spaced teeth and fine bristle brushes, combs.

Hairstyles that require tension on the hair, such as rollers and You braids, they should alternate with more loose hairstyles to avoid steady pull that produces hair loss, especially to the sides of the scalp. Treatments local use 1. Minoxidil. It is a vasodilator agent that has been used orally in the treatment of hypertension and that today is widely used in the treatment of various alopecia. In general, applies 1 ml of lotion two times a day (every 12 hours) with dry hair, since moisture increases the penetration of the product several times.