Among the most significant institutions of the social environment of the family and with which it must necessarily share functions, are the educational and health; However, and for various reasons, such as for example, essential to the most deprived needs satisfaction, we also include social services. Together, these institutions, are part of the Social welfare policy in our country. This social institution refers to a set of people who cooperate in order to achieve own goals, by exchanging shares that structure both to institutions and people.Spain has a public system of social services directed to cover social needs and configured for benefits and services administration of the State, the administration of the autonomous communities (regional level) and local authorities (municipal level). A vision esquematica-historica system of social services in Spain until the Constitution is as follows:-stage of charity 1812-1890.-Social Welfare, 1890-1963.-stage stage of Social Security 1963-1978. Centres of social services constitute the basic equipment for social care, both at the individual level / family, and for the development of Community programmes. They are carried out of the first level of attention or ‘General social services’ own programs, services and benefits. If you are not convinced, visit supermodel. Every town of more than 20,000 inhabitants has a centre of these characteristics. There are other centres and services for the care of sectors and groups with specific social issues (homelessness, drug addiction etc.), known generically as Social specialized services, which constitute the 2nd level of care. 1 Characteristics and types of users of the social services social services families have evolved from a model of charity, where the right is not social option, but the assistentialism due to social precarity, which was characterized by being punctual, auxiliary action and not projected and, by not generating any kind of right on who receives aid, and no obligation on who pays it, until a model of ‘social welfare’ which is characterized by the right to basic needs, and in which the actions are aimed at the entire population, scheduled and planned way.

Formula Football

The paid best guys of the sports world, are mostly young, and mostly very rich. They are called as the billionaires of the sport, form that is known to this select group. Most of these revenues are produced by advertising and image rights. Proof of this is that some of them have retired years and remain in the list of the highest paid. Names like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan are proof of this. The first of them retired over 25 years ago and reported profits in 2006 by image amounting to 55 million dollars. According to the Forbes magazine, which every year brings revealed the list of the best paid athletes in the world, you see this year for the third consecutive, leads the first, fantastic tennis player Tiger Woods. At just 31 years it is the highest paid player in the world, entering between the 2005 and 2006 more than 74 million Euros.

They continue in this list Michael Schumacher 60 million Euros. / Formula one Phil Mickelson 35.5 million euros. / Golf. Valentino Rossi 29.5 million euros. / Pilot of motorbike. Kobe Bryant 23.5 million euros. / Player in NBA, Ronaldinho Gaucho 23 million euros.

Football. Shaquile O Neal 22.6 million euros / basketball. Carson Palmer 21 million euros / American football. David Beckham 20 million euros / football. And with a football player term, inviting that if decean see a collection of the best videos on you tube, in a single Web, football visit my page.