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Many people think that their instructors or coaches were born with a perfectly sculpted body and that have acquired abilities innately. Hopefully! Without going too beyond, I started in this world a little by chance and with a regular fitness level. One day I commented to my husband, by the then new boyfriend, that I wanted to sign up for any Center to learn self-defense, to put me in a way and knowing how to react and defend myself against a possible attack. Unexpectedly, my boyfriend told me that perhaps he could give me a few classes ja ja imagine my surprise to learn that he was instructor of martial arts and contact sports but that not had told me before because this fact had led to some of his potential girlfriends leave despavoridas. First steps well, what were my sports beginnings were not brilliant: little coordination, strength just to perform two bends with the knees supported and then collapse me against the ground, without enough confidence in my movements who still it get it but the saying is true and who follows her get it. My will, hard work, desire to learn, put myself in shape and achieving visible results both physically as emotionally helped me improve slowly, wanting to deepen and embrace more disciplines and get where I am. Now I enjoy coaching and advising women of different ages and levels who wish to care for yourself and put your efforts to overcome every day.

And is that no matter what your point of departure or as concerned as you are of I’ll do ridiculous or I’m very for these things. Importantly, have a goal, to view it and move towards your goal gradually. I encourage you to that lame book yesterday (where ever stopped it?) and write what you want to improve your health and your body. And if you know how to do this, put hands to work it! And if you still do not know how or by where to start, don’t worry. You’ll learning exercises and good habits with me! It is amazing how sport can help you change so many things: gain in self-esteem, confidence, determination, health and beauty. It’s like reinventing yourself!