World Health Organization

"Shark Liver" – is, above all, an ambulance! Medical bulletins of international organizations worldwide leading causes of death statistics for the population that are high on the viral and parasitic disease, cardiovascular problems and cancers. These diseases have many years to retain the pre-eminent value in the "death list", changing only the "prize" the place. Let's see what is the cause of these disease? According to the World Health Organization, in their origin and development play a major role wrong and bad food, bad water and lack of oxygen, yes, yes, that oxygen! In the body of oxygen is 65%. In the process of respiration by the human body consumes 300 liters of oxygen per day (and it is at rest), and increased physical activity is the amount of increases by 10-15 times. (Source: Dr. Gerard Addonizio). It is known that 90% of the energy produced by the body due to oxygen! Just think about this figure! Today, due to pollution and other "deplorable" factors in the oxygen content air decreased from 38% to 19%, while the carbon dioxide content, by contrast, has risen from 1% to 25%. From lack of oxygen most affected heart cells, so drugs on the basis of squalene in patients with congestive heart failure, need to strengthen the heart muscle. Oxygen deficiency and oxidative damage to cells is the major causes of the development and spread of cancer, therefore, not surprising that squalene normalizing oxygen metabolism of tissues and at the same time being an antioxidant, has anti-cancer properties.

So what is this miracle Squalene? Squalene, a substance may be the closest to a "vitamin oxygen. " Through a simple chemical reaction with water saturates the life-giving element of squalene organs and tissues of the body. Oxygen – the most important nutrient, which rarely comes to mind, though, scientists have determined that lack of oxygen is either a cause or a factor in the development of degenerative diseases.

Weight Loss

I think the biggest mistake of those who want to lose weight and as a result – is the lack of results that dieters do not invest in yourself and in the process of losing weight. Very difficult to come up and implement its own system of weight loss. Since losing weight – it is a process in which the end result must be efficient. Well, if we are talking about and those who developed the diet, writes books, pamphlets about how to lose weight should be, markets and sells a miracle belt and "butterflies" – is unlikely to have their own personal experience. Most dieters have no chance to lose weight AT ALL. After all, the problem of books, brochures and other goods – to be a commodity and sold, rather than help lose weight. Failure of weight loss in the home are associated with the desire to lose weight fast. People who want to lose weight in record time, using low-calorie diets, containing many essential deficit components.

Rapid weight loss of 6-8 pounds per month is highly undesirable, since it is accompanied by a loss not only fat but also muscle mass, therefore, and metabolic disorders in the body. If you do not reduce the rate of self-weight loss increases the strain on the liver, kidneys, heart, and often there is a weakness, fatigue and even depression. And after a period of strict diets, the period of return will not only continue, but often and enhanced nutrition. As a result, within a few weeks to return the old man figure. For people who are overweight losing weight is a lifelong dream! And rightly so, for many reasons diseases are covered just in excess weight. The people who got rid of obesity, is pleased to note that with the extra pounds are gone and the problem with lower back and spine, but about the heaviness in the legs are completely forgotten. Today, on many websites, newspapers, easy to find thousands of ads that promise weight loss over a few weeks! This herbal weight loss, weight loss for a miracle – pills! Beauty salons offer a weight loss of by wrapping, clinics are offering their methods! If you want you can put the experiments on his health, but there is one – but not all the way to lose weight for good, and can be unwise going to harm your health. Especially dangerous is the rapid weight loss! When people restrict themselves to certain vital substances.

We urge you not to lose weight fast! Weight loss should be gradual, 2-3 kg in month, no more! Only with such a gradual weight loss the body feels comfortable and does not sag skin but rather tightens, becomes a natural turgor. Remember, the only competent losing weight can give You desired results! Statistics show that over 60% of the adult population suffer from problems of weight loss. Many experts have long been sounding the alarm: they believe that it is high time to put the question on the slimming general federal level. Statistics show that over 60% of the adult population suffer from problems of weight loss. Many experts have long been sounding the alarm: they believe that it is high time to put the question on the slimming general federal level.