Taxmobil Increases Mobility Of The Elderly

‘Door to door transportation’ as part of the Taxmobil strategy of isolation of those over 50 say fight are the target audience of the future. Their share will exceed 2035 consumption at 58 percent, while you get under 50 to 42 percent. The over 65 have the highest growth potential. Their share in the total consumption rises by almost 18 percent to just over 26% by 2030 and thus increases by almost half. Already have a share of at least 45 percent, food, clothing over 50 years for all consumer goods and travel is almost the half of it.” So anyway, writes the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth on its Internet pages. No wonder, then, that Roland Berger, Germany’s best-known business consultant advises, you may take more seriously the elderly with their consumer needs.

To do this, he had created a study commissioned by the Federal Government. “Germany so one country, the silver Ager”, on cruises,. Anti aging treatments and golf clubs spend their well-deserved retirement. Who prepares an assertion so general, overlooks the reality”, explains Bert Neckermann as founder and Director of the Swiss Taxmobil AG. So also the joint Welfare Association has calculated that end of 2006 already 2.5 percent is dependent on which about 65 on the statutory basic insurance, what once was the social welfare. People who often fall into isolation, since the contact to the environment are increasingly lacking. You are simply not able to pay for taxi and public transport and on the part of the social services vouchers are issued also only handpicked,”explains the founder of the Taxmobil.

Already, many taxi drivers of their older customers live. Trips to go shopping or to see a doctor flush money into the coffers of the taxi owner and offer a welcome replacement for the often older customers as planter perceived everyday events. In a survey of Taxmobil shows that there is a clear relationship between poverty and Isolation. “It is frightening to see that no longer sufficient in a highly civilized country like Germany some people only ten years or more get their neighborhoods because they simply can’t afford it”, so the Taxmobil boss. He is convinced that his Taxmobil system here will provide for greater social justice. “Taxmobil is a novel mobility concept, which its users for a price of only 49 euros per month full door to door mobility” offers. This public transport used as well such as taxis or Taxmobile, as they are likely to mean in the future. Analog mobile phones and other flat rates, we know a wide variety of users for that more affordable mobility is given a broad mass of people pays”, as one of the core statements of Taxmobil. Only restriction: trips must be announced shortly before in the Taxmobil attendant, which is however already today the typical how of most users. This are the rides predictable and can be optimized in terms of time and distance.