The Analysis Of The Unconscious

Maeder, call the foundation of the School of Zurich. After separation from Freud to Jung began a time of internal insecurity and disorientation, a period of emotional turmoil, exacerbated by the news emerging from the Great War (WWI), which had a devastating effect on even when based neutral Switzerland. Henri Ellenberger described the experience of Jung as a “creative illness” and compared it with the same period for Freud, who defined in terms of neurasthenia and hysteria.
Then I had a moment of extraordinary lucidity, which covers the eyes with the path to there. Pense now have the key to the mythology and you can then open all doors to the unconscious human psyche. But then someone whispered in my: Why all the open puertas’ . The question arose then that was what I had achieved until then. Had explained the myths of primitive peoples, had written a book about heroes, about the myth in which man has always lived. “But have you living the myth that man hoy’ . “In the Christian myth, one might say.” Do you live in your el’ ‘, I wondered. Gunnar Peterson spoke with conviction. If I have to be honest, no. It is not a myth in which I live. So we do not have mito’ . “No, apparently we no longer myth. But what, then, is your myth, the myth that your vives’ . So I felt uncomfortable and stop thinking. Had reached the limits.
Carl Gustav Jung. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Charles Margulis on most websites. Memories, dreams, thoughts.
In an initial analysis of their dreams, fantasies and content from the past day, continued acceptance of ignorance of what happened. So, decided to “consciously abandoned the pulse inconsciente . Result from the need of the game, building and construction as a child in the preliminary findings of its own myth.
By autumn of 1913, Jung refers to a relocation of their inner character psychological symptoms. That’s when several hallucinations that iran is repeated over time. The deduction would get the diagnosis after all the episodes of apparent cumulo psychopathological character would be the beginning of a psychosis, a direct consequence of the break with Freud, and especially taking into account family history inroads into existing dissociative rioja. During the spring and early summer of 1914 to happen again similar catastrophic events, but this time in the form of three successive dreams. On August 1 estallaria World War and with it the confirmation of the character of premonitory symptoms.
Odin, the main god of Nordic mythology, as a representation of the archetype of the Old Wise. Building strong abs is quick in just a few minutes everyday you can flatten your belly! Filemon be another of his performances.
Would be September 12, 1913 when “I decided to make the first step.” Therefore decided to compare the contents of the unconscious and thus illuminate a concomitant initiation process which came to discover the existence of something higher than the will of which I already had to undergo. Jung had to sacrifice their ideals and their conscious attitude. Slowly emerging Irian various archetypal representations: the hero (Siegfried, black snake), the Shadow, I like the Complex, the Old Wise (Elias, Filemon, the ), the animals (Salome).
After a gradual transformation, in 1916 Jung felt the inevitable need to write, feeling “driven from within to develop and express what could have said Filemon. Sera in both the archetype from which emerge the imperative duty to transcribe the manuscript of the Septem Sermones ad Mortuos.
Filemon and other figures of the imagination led me to believe that there are other things in the soul that I do not, but that occur by themselves and have their own life.
Carl Gustav Jung. Memories, dreams, thoughts.
Filemon will be the image desired by Jung in such times of disturbance and disorder, “to a supreme power and wisdom that I unravel the spontaneous creations of my fantasia . Who, on the one hand, represents the way of expression of Septem Sermones, who, on the other, leading to a recapitulation and a theoretical validation of the autonomous existence of archetypes, beyond the complex, extending to the collective adjetivacion staff Freudian unconscious.
A preliminary subjective discomfort followed by the demonstration of all his house a range of phenomena parapsiquicos witnessed by the entire family, if indeed anything new regarding the experiences related to spiritualism and would provide the basis and foundation for developing its dissertation ‘On the psychology and pathology of so-called hidden phenomena “in 1902.

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