The Convergence

In cerne of the question it is the premise of that the motivation has a direct relation with the performance and, therefore, consists in a basic factor for productivity profits. Additional information is available at Gunnar Peterson. In elapsing of the last decades if they have multiplied the examples (motivacionais strategies) of that it is possible to make of the organization a healthful environment, and of really motivador the work executed something there it human being. The motivacionais strategies are classified in three categories in agreement the emphasis given to each one of the three organizacionais dimensions: Economic, Psicossocial and Poltica. Had to the narrow linking between the dimensions it is impossible that a change operated in one of them does not intervene with the others two. The structure of being able of a company defines the proper company, the objectives that the company pursues and the structure that exhibits is an extension of the objectives and dominant necessities of the groups and individuals that constitute its structure of being able. (MATTOS, 1988, P.

165). Studies of the relation between motivation and performance carried through by Hackman and Oldham (1975) boarded for the theory of the characteristics of the work, signal the necessity of if considering the factors of mediation in the work that impactam in this relation. The reach of the organizacionais objectives if finds atrelado to the efficient and efficient performance in the levels individual, group and organizacional. Amongst the factors of mediation between motivation and performance in the work if they detach: the meaning that the carried through work possesss for carries through who it, the system of rewards and effective punishment in the organizations, the managemental style and the quality of the psicossocial environment of the work, and the convergence enters the personal and organizacionais values. The challenge of the organizations inhabits in the necessity to understand the dynamics of the internal processes that the people move, by means of the adoption of practical that they corroborate the direction of belongs, the satisfaction of the people and consequently, the success and the reinforcement of the image of 2,1 organization MOTIVATION IN the THEORY OF the RELATIONS HUMAN BEINGS the behavior of the people inside of the organization is complex, depends on factors interns (decurrent of its characteristics of personality, as capacity of learning, motivation, perception of the external environment and intern, of attitudes, emotions, values etc.) and external (decurrent of the environment that it involves of the organizacionais characteristics, as systems of you reward and punishment, of social factors, politics, group cohesion existing etc.).