The Problems Of Technolgy

And sometimes, as in ten times more. At the same time without getting tired, and taking pleasure in his work. But how to achieve this is not taught in school or in college. This advanced technology is secret. Described her first great humanist and philanthropist A Ron Hubbard in his book The Problems of Work. The simplest thing that could make everyone on their own, upload it from your mind their own affairs. Create tasks and assign them a specific time when you’ll deal with them solution. Easy to write down its affairs in the leaf is already creating a feeling of comfort.

Now you need to create a system that lets you quickly find their business and spend little time on it. It does not fit well used diaries. Do you know the feeling when you suddenly discover that no one knows where to spend their money? Something similar happens with time. Consciousness captures only the large costs. And trifle, which takes the lion’s share of time (from 50% to 90% of the time) left out of your awareness. But think about this fact: you have received an offer via email. Educate yourself with thoughts from celebrity trainer. You vnikli in its essence and decided that he would return to it later. Later, you will again return to this proposal, but as time passed and you will again need to delve into its meaning.

To be sure, it takes you less time, but it goes away. How many times a day you procrastinate some of their own affairs? The solution is simple – do your work as soon as she got in your hands, writes in his work A Ron Hubbard. If this is not possible, the best thing you should do is to formulate and write your the next step in the implementation of this case. In the example of business proposal you might have to pay attention to what you can not decide on it right now. Let’s say you do not have enough data on these services of other companies. Now collect them, you have no time. Then you write a task: to pick up material on similar proposals of other companies and compare them with this offer. Attach to this problem offer and postpone it for a time when you do it really. Only on this simple action will save you some time. But in fact, the effectiveness of technology is extensive. There are many nuances and subtleties. It is an art. Art assign tasks themselves and set goals to your employees. Art supervise their implementation. People spend years on improving this skill. The most effective way to master the technology of performance – is to go through an individual workshop from an expert in this area and in 2 – 3 days to feel the fruits of this work for themselves.