Treatment Of Hemorrhoids With Aloe Vera

Hemorrhoids are produced by dilatation of the veins in the rectum and anus, resulting in varicose eruptions, better known as hemorrhoids. More than 25% of the population suffers from them at a given time. Chronic constipation, the habit of force to evacuate stool, pregnancy, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and even stays longer in the toilet bowl are factors that trigger the formation of hemorrhoids. Often the hemorrhoids cause first itching and various secretions, if we add to this a diet inadequate, poor in fibers and rich in saturated fat, bowel movements will be tougher and seriously irritate the hemorrhoids, to the point of becoming cause bleeding. In more benign cases headaches with fibers or other foods that favor the formation of soft stools can be lessened. In the most serious cases, pain is prolonged and can impede walking.

Suppositories can serve, but sometimes an operation is necessary. Both in benign cases as in the serious, aloe vera is an excellent ally against hemorrhoids. In fact already in the 1st century. d. C.

Dioscorides already mentioned this application of aloe in its famous matter Medica. In India, the Ayurvedic medical have been traditionally prescribed aloe to deal with hemorrhoids. Aloe is an effective method to relieve and cure hemorrhoids, especially if classical methods seem ineffective. How to use aloe vera to treat hemorrhoids? 1) Generously extends an aloe gel in the rectum (must have a high wealth for results). If the relief it takes to get there to repeat, and do it every day for at least one week. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Rupa Huq. Consistency is essential. (2) If hemorrhoids are internal you can manufacture you a suppository of aloe gel in foil as a suppository mold to pour. Then place them in the freezer so that they harden and apply them as a normal suppository. You will notice a refreshing effect that will quickly calm the pains. You can also use small pieces of the fresh plant, well clean and bare and free of bark and SAP. (3) You can combine the two methods above with baths of sasiento adding aloe vera pure juice to the water. (4) It is important, besides, drinking pure aloe juice regularly, it regularizara the bowel function and prevent hemorrhoids.