UHF Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis – an inflammation of one or more of the lymphoid pharyngeal ring formations. This is a widespread infection of the upper respiratory tract. There are acute and chronic tonsillitis. For even more opinions, read materials from Cindy Crawford. Acute tonsillitis is known as angina. In the tonsil tissue penetrate the bacteria and viruses, this leads to inflammation and tonsillitis occurs. Factors that may cause tonsillitis are: a weak immune system, hypothermia, long-lasting wrong, acute tonsillitis can become chronic. In chronic tonsillitis source of infection remains in the body, and occasionally attacking flare (eg, hypothermia or stress).

It is important to understand that tonsillitis should be treated as the causative agent – strep – can damage the heart and kidneys. Treatment of tonsillitis There are two ways of treatment of tonsillitis: – conservative – to the conservative surgical treatments include antibiotics, lavage of tonsils and lubrication of Lugol's iodine solution, physiotherapy (tube, UHF). If conservative treatments do not help, your doctor may prescribe tonzillotomiyu – tonsillectomy, or the operation using the kriometoda when damaged tissues are destroyed by cold. Surgery is still desirable, because tonsillectomy will reduce the body's immune properties. Treatment of tonsillitis with the help of apparatus "Tonzillor" Recently, as a conservative method of treatment of tonsillitis commonly used low-frequency ultrasonic device "Tonzillor." With the help of a doctor otolaryngologist washed with antiseptic solution lacunae of tonsils, after which a solution to the effects of ultrasound tissue tonsils. The patient performed anesthesia of the pharynx.

Then, on the amygdala impose applicator-limiting and include elektrootsasyvatel. Further fed solution. Antiseptics with low-frequency ultrasound has a strong bactericidal effect. Similarly, washing is another amygdala. After washing the gaps exercise phonophoresis. The course of treatment apparatus "Tonzillor" is 8-10 sessions, which take place every other day. At the clinics, "Dynasty" () experienced doctors otolaryngologists () will help you cope with tonsillitis. We are happy to provide you with a full range of measures to cure tonsillitis, including using the device "Tonzillor." Good luck!