Unpleasant Infectious Disease

The athlete’s foot (toe cavity Mycosis) is one of the most common skin diseases. Almost every third German citizen is affected. Athlete’s foot in Germany has become one of the most common infectious diseases. Athlete’s foot is more common than in children, with more men than women are affected in adults. Athlete’s foot is a disorder due to dermatophytes, which even the toenails may be affected. Most athlete’s foot between the toes occurs because fungi can feel comfortable in a warm and moist environment and quickly spread. To broaden your perception, visit Gunnar Peterson.

Athlete’s foot can quickly identify typical symptoms like the annoying itching, dandruff, skin redness and oozing of the skin. In addition, bubbles can form and the skin appears as swollen. An infection occurs most quickly in places where many people barefoot, such as in bathrooms, public showers, steam rooms or sauna. At every step, every human being loses tiny skin particles. These are infected, one is Spread and infection nothing more in the way. To prevent athlete’s foot, you should wear slippers therefore at these places, is to disinfect the feet after the visit of the swimming pool or the sauna, and especially for dry feet. Arzneimittel.de to health are today! presents a new InfoBox. The InfoBox is a central, indication-specific information system. So you are enables, to gain an overview of indications, treatment options, and Web links to a wide variety of diseases and topics independently.