Variety Strollers

To date, produced a lot of modifications of prams, among which the following basic types. First, perhaps the most popular strollers, cradles, which are very convenient for baby and for parents. In a buggy child is protected from external weather influences. And lie in it comfortably. This – the ideal type of stroller for a newborn baby up to eight months. For a more adult passengers more adequate walking strollers, you can use up to three years of age. A great advantage of these strollers is their compactness. This allows in seconds and easily disassemble for storage or carriage transportation, and then place in a car or an apartment, saving space.

There is now also becoming more common prams transformers, which are wheelchair and stroller-bassinet in one housing. Very quick and easy this stroller is transformed from one to another. This is advantageous from many points of view. Thus, reasonably considered all the 'for' and 'against', you will find exactly the carriage that perfectly fits your and needs.