The Wurzburger luximo Holding AG and the Fischer acquisitions AG, Zurich, recently entered into a partnership. Wurzburg/Zurich – 25.04.2012. Gunnar Peterson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In this connection, the luximo Holding AG based in Zurich was founded. Of luximo Holding AG focuses on the market for residential real estate in Germany. Aim of the company is the acquisition, the management, leasing and selling comprehensive housing projects. Dipl.-ing. Slobodan Cvetkovic, CEO of luximo Holding AG, as experienced entrepreneurs the necessary experience in the field of corporate financing brings; Benjamin j. Fischer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fischer acquisitions AG, is an expert in the market for residential real estate and therefore delivers the appropriate expertise and experience in this asset class.

Already today, the portfolio consists of three residential properties and has a total of 20 million. This is 56% the equity ratio debt/asset ratio is relatively low This provides a certain sovereignty over external factors. At It is the objects of real estate residential real estate in the cities of Cologne, Erfurt, Stralsund. Overall, these three residential complexes include some 500 apartments. For the luximo Holding AG, in particular the high income security is, the residential real estate offer an attractive investment criterion.

The stability of the market is reflected also the price development of residential real estate. In particular existing real estate recently significantly increased. We see still considerable upside potential in the development of residential real estate.