Yoga Therapy

The target determines the practice at the beginning of the therapy are learning basic breathing techniques and a reunion Asanaprogramm, that is tailored to the individual needs of the clients. As a ultimate Yoga sequence there is as little as a perfect diet. Yoga is individual. Already in the old India of teachers gave always personally and directly his knowledge the students. It is also similar to the Yoga therapy. The purpose to determine the means and the practice. Form follows function glossy magazines, yoga DVDs and prominent yoga teachers: as in many other industries, the media often suggest ideals that are neither accessible nor makes sense for many people.

It is the individuality that makes each of us unique. The uniqueness of each body requires to make the Yoga practices according to their effect and not by their looks. A stimulating exercise like the camel can be for someone with kapha Constitution, for example, stimulating and healing for vata one, however disturbing effect. Many roads lead to Rome whether medicine, psychotherapy, medicine or yoga selects each discipline different methods for the treatment of their clients. The decisive advantage of the procedure in the Yoga and Ayurveda are the low side effects: usually they have a gently harmonised and sustainable positive or just do nothing. Only a few techniques and resources can have negative effects. In cooperation with the client proceed always empirically here: which methods have proven themselves? What procedures cause only a low or no result? Yoga therapy goals of Yoga Therapy’s strengths are also its weaknesses. The daily integration of yoga practice represents a major challenge for many people.

No time”, is it then. Often lack of patience and discipline. No wonder: Just is at the beginning very hard to break through existing habits and behavior patterns. A drug treatment, however, seems easy: tablet, suppresses symptoms,. Symptoms alleviated.