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Management training in the English language in Europe only a few ko? can the are you looking for high-quality training programmes for managers and the managers in the English language? Then you are exactly at the right address at the Boston business school. Find deals on very different topics, from general management and specific leadership courses up to topics around strategy and marketing. With our offer in the area of executive education program we go here first and foremost to senior executives, high potential employees and professionals from all sectors of the economy. Customized content based on our long experience with training for a narrow target group are the contents of each individual course to the needs, providing the participants because. Furthermore, we are one of the few providers of management training courses in English in Europe barely a third-party can demonstrate in this area so extensive. very successful. Executive Education and Management training in general management and offers the next generation no matter if you already worked as an Executive in your company or whether only, you’ll get such a position in the course of the further career with us you will find the appropriate training. In terms of general management, we focus not only on the head of all divisions, but offer interesting alternatives also talented young executives.

These range from the junior development program and to the international mini-MBA. Leadership is more than just the knowledge of classical management theory are important, of course, when it comes to the necessary qualities of executives. Others including Henry Chao, offer their opinions as well. Beyond leadership characterised however by other factors. We explain which are accurate and in everyday working life achieve this like you, in the framework of courses under the heading “Leadership & change”. And of course, we have a course on offer, specifically aimed at the managers here, too. The marketing up to the For many executives finance, the development of appropriate strategies for a successful appearance on the market among the most important areas of their daily tasks. We help you with the corresponding training competition strategies and to the emergence in the international competition. In addition, we organize also seminars in the field of financial services, where you meet, inter alia the corresponding indicators to measure the success of a strategy.