Athletical Association

The judge interrupted the departure, titular players and reserves, beyond the massagistas, all ran behind. Later, to change a little, they had started to free a duck, that gave to flights consagradores in High Cross stadiums, Iju, Pellets, Are Leopoldo, Step Fundo and Porto Alegre, where normally he was well received. Very creative, the twisted one wanted more newness. Then, certain time, had planned to launch the duck of an airplane. Of parachute.

They had made until a band would follow that it in this historical landing: ‘ ‘ congratulations, duck paraquedista’ ‘. That the Aeronautics did not only authorize the mirabolante plan and it was untied to the traditional way exactly. Source: CERETTA, Lino. Sport Guarany Club: a history of 94 years. High cross: ed. of the author, 2007. P. 127-8.

Broken cool fish of amateur soccer, between the River Cricket and Associao Atltica (RCAA) and the Flamenguinho de Cantagalo, in the headquarters of the RCAA, Niteri. In determined moment, during an attack of the RCAA, the lateral-left of the visiting teams it cried out: ‘ ‘ A fish in my head fell! ‘ ‘ The zagueiro-central office asked if he was a fish-flyer: not, it was a simple sardine. But as, if the field is to one two kilometers of waters of the bay of the Guanabara? The players had looked at for the sky and turn a gull or mergulho sobrevoando the place, as that thinking about recouping the canine tooth that left to fall. In they go, because the sardine duly was tempered, fries and devorada for the awardees players.

World Wide Athletes

I have always admired the culturismo, I like to observe it and in fact always I have been assiduous to competitions and biographies of great world-wide athletes; but in my personal case not it practitioner at competitive level, in spite of preparing many athletes. Frequently they ask to me, because you do not practice it or because you do not compete? Simply it is not the style of life in agreement with me. the musculacin enchants to me, to be always in it forms, to prepare athletes; but not to give me completely to the hard life culturist. But, that is what we must look for all? From my point of view, you have before nothing that to look for the optimum point for you. And I talk about the point in which you can be seen well and be taken the life that you like.

In my personal case, I am in the search of you mature muscular, in finding the point where it sees me at the moment of the same form in which I hope to see next the ten or fifteen years me, without needing losing mass. I do not know if you have had the opportunity to observe American athletes who have been great extraordinary champions in their size, and now they are unrecognizable. I agree with looking for the point where you can be well during long time and every time you see yourself more mature. Then, the present tendencies of the culturismo are now accepting the symmetrical physicists and the idea that the volume is not it everything, even though who even the noticeable tendency to extraordinary with excessive average parts this present. And the truth all that this good, because for that the pleasures became! In the personnel, fodder that you must look for the maximum muscular volume, as long as that does not affect your symmetry, because if of which it is not worth everything? If you have a weak zone you must apply the principle of muscular priority and give a special treatment to that part, until you can make level it with the rest, because in you complete of that treats, certain?