Russian Cosmetics

You probably remember a silicon rare, except when you want a lighter fill, or in extreme cases, the water clean. But even Vernadsky admitted silicon one of the most important micronutrient for life. And his insights were confirmed at the Nobel report in the 70 years of Academician mg Voronkov. It turns out that without silicon about 80 other trace elements the body does not digest. And the primary role of silicon in the body – the elasticity of the skin, hair, nails. That's why we break off the nails, hair and wrinkles.

The body becomes a little silicon. Biokremny contained in the entire production from the company's C-Ultra. It – Exclusive Silicon cosmeceuticals, which gives an instant amazing results! In the excitement comes from women ampule (Ampouled) makeup is makeup for home care, replacing the costly procedures in the salon. There is also a professional line of cosmetics for these beauticians with increased activity. However, there is a mistake many that once to get the effect of any procedure which can do nothing else. The skin requires constant care for themselves, and Silicon Cosmetics Sea Ultra only good help. Yes, indeed, the effect is immediate and long-lasting, so this cosmeceuticals is gaining greater and greater demand among Russian consumers.

However, in normal shops, you will not find it. It's Cosmetics, which should tell you about a consultant who knows about the correct use of it. Here are a network of consultants (referred to as distributor) Cosmetics Ultra-C and spreads. And every user of these products can also try himself in this matter, especially if they have experience and own results in the application. Fortunately, biokremny enters the body and with food, with shell corn, which we are accustomed to clean, along with solid parts of plants that we rarely eat, along with herbs, with nettle, horsetail, etc. So all is not lost for the health of our body!

The Sporting Classic Winter Hiking

Efficient and healthy training in cold weather snow flakes dance playfully through the skies, trees and lawns are covered with white, glittering snow and the cold winter air is clear and fresh, such a winter Idyll can be wonderfully athletic actively experienced. So, why not go outside go, even at temperatures around freezing point? Just the fresh snow-covered landscapes enchant wandering explorers with a very special winter romance. The sporting balance conveys not only a fascinating nature, winter hiking is also an effective workout, which positively affects physical fitness, health and weight management. With the appropriate technical equipment, active people can efficiently train your stamina and muscles, support essential body functions, and to get rid of a few extra pounds. Special hiking utensils: pedometer support effective walking training can easily use of special walking tools passionate hikers the training efficiency their Favorite sport support and control. A particularly useful feature in this regard is the so-called walking-intensity indicator, which is referred to as a MET (metabolic equivalents or metabolic equivalents). This feature displays the intensity of movement in relation to the intensity in the idle state.

As a perfect companion for winter walking the walking provides, for example, exact values to the intensity and effectiveness of the current experience of walking style X by Omron Healthcare. The MET display ranges from 2 MET MET 4. 1 MET are average in sitting position and walking at normal speed 3 MET consumes. The more intensive physical activity, the higher the metabolic equivalent. With the handy pedometer by Omron, hikers can track exactly how much their walking intensity was within the last minute and at an intense workout try to reach the 4 MET mark. In addition, the walking provides X style the number of steps, measures the distance traveled and calculates the resulting amount of burnt calories while walking. Are users able to monitor the intensity of their movement and know exactly how many calories at what intensity level will be consumed.

Omron Healthcare

Supporting running tools help in controlling and optimizing their performance pleasant strengthen warm temperatures, as well as the enthusiasm for sports excellence at the Olympics the inner need to exercise more and attract young and old athletic, in the fresh air. Active people improve their emotional well-being as well as your base fitness and can handle loads of everyday work life easier. Supporting running tools help in controlling and optimizing their performance not only professionals, but also ambitious recreational runners. JogStyle Omron high efficiency easy handling runner looking for an uncomplicated and efficient running computer are at the JogStyle by Omron Healthcare found. After a few presets, the device is ready for use directly and offers a variety of practical functions, which support the daily training. The small activity monitor measures in addition to the important run values such as distance, time, current and average speed in addition to the Calorie consumption and fat burning of the runner.

The individual data processing enables weight, size, stride length and time after entering the basic data. The exact calibration of the device, the user runs a lap with known length of 400 meters to record personal race pace as step length. To measure either in the runners bag carries the runner the handy device or uses practical fastening clip for waistline or lapel. To exercise, workout mode is activated by the runners holding the Start button for about three seconds. Now the user can read his current speed such as distance travelled. By pressing the Start button, it stops the recording and receives the current results of the barrel. Via the mode button, the user can access at any time on the results of the measurements of the 24 h area and retrieve data on total distance, stride length, calorie consumption and burning body fat. Using state of the art the JogStyle monitors all movements by the slow walking three-dimensional sensor technology to the stadium Sprint.


Eating healthy foods is not only good for your body, it is also important to keep your brain sharp. The focus in the following nutrition leans to reap the rewards of a healthy diet for the brain: 1) vegetable: the latest news from the Neurology confirm what mama always said: eat your vegetables! Despite all the interest in vitamins and supplements, the best advice is to eat a variety of colorful, green, cruciferous vegetables, and leafy. A recent federal study of 13. 388 nurses who has followed its consumption for 10 years, found that women who ate more cruciferous vegetables more leafy, including broccoli, cauliflower, green lettuce and spinach, had a lower rate of decline in a battery of tests of learning and memory. While more of these vegetables they ate, they were better made. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been promoted by its potential for helping the heart and fight cancer, so it is not astonishing that such diet It is also good for your brain. Vegetables and fruits have antioxidants and other essential vitamins and minerals, are low in fat, and are generally low in calories. (2) Antioxidants: Of all the dietary factors that are being investigated to including vitamins C, E, and beta carotene (a form of vitamin A), reduce oxidative damage to cells. Oxidation, which can be thought as the equivalent biological rusting, seems to contribute to aging and cognitive decline. Human studies of use of antioxidants have yielded mixed results. This is partly because our diets are generally quite varied, and is very difficult to prove that the health benefits are the result of any dietary factor.

Tips For Conception

Conceive a baby successfully involves knowing the mejoresposiciones carry out fertilization, your reproductivomensual cycle and your state of health.Conceiving a baby and pregnancy is something wonderful and the vezcomplejo; However, it is exciting and satisfying.Now I’ll give you some tips on the best positions parala fertilization: Tip # 1 know your fertile period usually ovulacionocurre 14 days before the start of their next periodomenstrual.For women with a menstrual cycle of 28 days, day 14puede be the most fertile of his cycle day and indicated for quedarembarazada (the first day is the day in quecomenzo your last menstrual period).Women who have a menstrual cycle in 30 days, the day 16es the best time to look for pregnancy. Tip # 2 control its body temperature base temperature the minimum elevacionde body at the moment of awakening is 2p)(yellow) your most fertile period.When the goal is to conceive a baby, use a thermometer ymonitoree your body temperature base, this maneradetectara with accuracy the minor change in your temperaturacorporal. Tip # 3 check cervical mucus ovulation produces an inthe change appearance and consistency of cervical mucus. If you are revisadiariamente, will be able to notice a white vaginal fluid the cualindica ovulation and the time of greatest fertility paraconcebir a baby. Council # 4 the best position to achieve fertilization is the position delmisionero with time has shown that the posicionesen which man is top sonfavorables women since gravity is responsible for carrying the semenhacia uterus, this increases the chances that elespermatozoide reaches the egg, causing the fertilization. Council # 5 use a position with input from the rear Another of lasposiciones recommended for fertilization is the estiloperrito, which allows the couple to depositing the semen about uterine delcuello. Council # 6 use the position side by side again, this posicionpermite your partner semen as closely as possible uterine delcuello.

In the case of the 3 mentioned positions, luegode ejaculation, can remain lying about minutossobre your back with your legs bent to improve fire of sperm into the uterus. Council # 7 the Council adopt healthy habits this is more crucial to conceive a baby. A healthy lifestyle includes a light diet, nutritional supplements, adequate hours of sleep, control stress, exercise and weight control. Another tip to conceive a baby is just relax your partner ydisfrutar. Enjoy the proximity of the person that you really care.

Your desire to get pregnant and conceive a baby will have masimportancia for you if you get concerned for you and your partner. This means that not only your you’ll be healthier, but it also increases the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. I hope you enjoyed these tips. However, these tips are not nothing compared with what you can learn in the book as becoming pregnant in 60 days.In that book will reveal the secrets to getting pregnant no matter your age or how many times you have tried to have a baby. To learn more about this fabulous book only visit: such as getting pregnant in 60 days

Prefer Nursing

Nursing home no popular alternative in the majority of cases the affliction increasing in the age in the age. Health is no longer the best and support is necessary. Often the relatives to agree, temporarily taking over the care and in addition to hire a home care team. Because most want to take if they have a choice, prefer an out-patient care service. This is confirmed by the representative survey of the R + V insurance. The respondents would prefer in the case of a need, to remain in their communities and to be maintained there.

The ambulatory elderly and nursing service Pfeiffer from Bergen auf Rugen informed about the results of the survey. Nursing home no popular alternative if the Germans fall ill and are dependent on aid by other persons, provides accommodation in a home for the elderly obviously no perspective dar. Preferably, you want to get a care in your own four walls. This was the result of a representative survey on behalf of the R + V insurance. This shows that more than Prefer an ambulatory care service that home provides them, 70 percent (71.4 percent).

Also over 70 percent of respondents want home care by the partner (71.0%) and men (75.6) much more considering this variation than women (66.3). Few can imagine, to be maintained by the children or relatives within your own four walls. The wishes of respondents reflect one: In case of maintenance, the vast majority in their home would remain and seek not the nursing home. Thus, additional strengthening receives outpatient care and its importance. Optimum care while maintaining the environment is high on the wish list. For detailed information about the scope of services the ambulatory elderly and nursing service Pfeiffer from mountains is Rugen anytime available.

German Internet

On a German Internet pharmacy order baby care baby skin is very sensitive and the proper care needed to be protected from redness and irritation. Creams and lotions and powder offered via a German Internet pharmacy, which helps protect the sensitive baby skin. Freshly baked parents now receive information and tips on how to care for baby skin, as well as the matching products by a German Internet pharmacy on Oils, lotions and balm German Internet pharmacy offers personal care products for baby skin straight which tends to sensitive baby skin quickly to dryness and is quickly wound in the diaper area. The delicate baby’s skin can be protected with the right baby care, informed by a German Internet pharmacy. “Bio night candle sesame oil and organic Jojoba oil as in the bellybutton happiness oil” nourish the baby skin with moisture and make them more resilient. This oil can be used for the care of sensitive baby skin for a relaxing massage or bath.

By Wearing diapers is particularly strained to just the surface of the skin in the diaper area. A German Internet pharmacy informs about creams, can be used specifically for the diaper area. Creams are designed for these sensitive areas are enriched with vitamin E, lanolin, zinc oxide. These creams, for example, the bellybutton WonnePo belongs to cream”. Through regular use, promote the healing of miracle baby skin and they protected against new irritation and redness. Continue to inform a German Internet pharmacy of baby powder, which provides an additional layer of protection for sensitive baby skin in the diaper area after applying the lotion.

“” Baby care on a German Internet pharmacy buy on a German Internet pharmacy such as can freshly baked parents the right baby care as the bellybutton WonnePo cream “and the bellybutton happiness oil” order online. The baby care includes also shampoos and lotions for the daily baby care can be used. Regular use protects the baby’s skin from redness, irritation and soreness, and provides the necessary moisture to the skin.

Trauma Therapy Support

A trauma is often the result. This often affects care and adoptive children. They come mostly from families in which domestic violence, neglect, physical abuse, or sexual abuse had to be lived through. If this trauma is not handled, the lifelong consequences and greatly restricts the quality of life.

A trauma therapy helps children handle their negative experiences, by among other things their self healing potential is triggered. The graduate teacher Heike Bangert Wang from ubach-Palenberg informed about the trauma therapy for nursing and adoptive children. Trauma work helps children, mostly bad experiences are exposed to negative experiences to handle care and adoptive children. For one, their family of origin can be broken down, so that an accommodation in an adoptive or care necessary is and on the other hand it may be there too problems. These children often feel neglected and unwanted. Especially the fear of having to leave the familiar environment, once again traumatized many children. The therapy takes advantage of the existing self healing of children and young people. Stimulates them with different approaches and not only the fear of the memory back to normal, but it creates a sense of security, which is crucial for care and adoptive children.

Lost confidence rises in the positive. The cooperation with the caregivers occupies a special place in the dream work with children. These will be included, because for them, it is also a challenge and they need a full support in dealing with traumatized children.

Berlin Philharmonic

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Keeping Cats Healthy

Cats are carnivores by nature. Their food is primarily small rodents, mammals, birds, small reptiles and amphibians, but also eat grass, fruits and vegetables. The ideal cat food is food of animal origin such as meat, fish, milk and cheese. Generally, raw meat is more delicious to the palate as well as being healthy. Avoid cat food in meat cooked too greasy or oily or spicy sauces. The most nutritious meat for a cat are the cattle, the rabbit and chicken, which can be supplied with tender and spongy bones that will strengthen your teeth. Fish is another food for cats usually tasty for them. The fish can be given cooked and sometimes raw.

Be very careful not to pass it with bones and scrape to get hurt and sick to his kitty. The most common cat food from birth is milk. This product is not usually drinking in adulthood, but some adult cats who consume it. This should give it to room temperature or warm with a little water. You should not be given to a cat suffering from problems with diarrhea because it can be harmful by increasing their problem. The vegetable is one of the less common cat food on the menu, but these can be provided and help with the ideal and healthy growth of your cat.

Vegetables should be cooked to avoid straining the digestive system of the cat and in small doses. Raw vegetables do not digest well and sometimes not eat them. If the cat ever green herbs used as food, it is to regulate your bowel action and not to feed the hungry or to eat. Fruits are usually eaten in small portions. The pulp of ripe fruit is very healthy and tasty for these as they help strengthen your digestive system. Cat food newborns is breast milk, the most desirable is that this will prolong the time required for the kittens grow with vitality, your muscles, bones and teeth are strong and the coat is bright and beautiful. I could also reinforce this diet by making a slurry of flour lightly with a little milk tibia. At the start will be provided with a spoon until they can feed themselves. A few days later the cat food can be reinforced with pieces of raw meat or fish without bones. Some cat food is not beneficial or healthy for them, for example, bread and potatoes are not healthy and do not help the growth of the animal. The human food is not ideal to give your cat as this only adds extra calories that are unnecessary and can give bad smells from the seasoning and the salt that these foods are. Products such as chocolate, coffee and tea are not suitable for the cat, as it can affect the nervous system, causing convulsions and sometimes death. Onions and garlic contain a compound that causes destruction of red blood cells causing anemia in the animal. Today, cat food sold in veterinary chain stores and elsewhere. And they are canned foods preserved by freezing or addition of concentrates containing all the vitamins and calories the cat requires.