Burnout Time

In the Workday is no signal that he or she is not up to the claims. Although then the psychotropic drugs, the so-called Serotoninwiederaufnahmehemmer in the game, it reserves that prefer for themselves. The Bill, which is to maintain it is too important. Question: You deal for years with the issue of stress, depression. At the present time the work requirements get more and more and increasing the State of exhaustion, not only by senior staff.

Their approach is prevention. What are in your opinion the possibilities between work stress and self-certain mental health”to be able to decide? Answer: People too often forget, who is the most important person in her life. That’s of course. Usually, everything else is more important: the work, the partners, the family. And it even comes to the conclusion.

For yourself, you have the least time. People work while wonderfully, but fewer and fewer share in their own lives. You alienate itself always further away from itself. Respond instead Act. That’s why I am healthy selfishness. Only if even one, it is valuable to others. No matter whether at work or in the family. Only when we internalized that, works with the positive mental health. “Question: A Burnout can be measured, long before you feel something”, you say in your presentations. How can you imagine that? Is anyone able to sign of burnout”to recognize? Or, it requires medical monitoring? Answer: You often the last which recognizes the signs of burnout. This applies for dedicated employees with high inner own claims as well as for self-employed persons. Note: self exploitation is more effective than foreign exploitation. Who goes with a leisure-oriented attitude of Skane in the work, which is less vulnerable. Only the experienced doctor can recognize in time. Long in advance I can see in my patient’s blood, who is a candidate of burnout.


Do you know any triggers of an asthma attack? There are many asthma attack triggers and not always they are the same for all concerned. There are common pollen from grasses or trees, which come as asthma attack triggers in question, but also simple house dust, animal hair, especially of cats and also molds can trigger an asthma attack. For those affected, it is therefore important to avoid triggers, and curb. Especially in the spring when the pollen should fly again they care to take some action. Especially at night many of asthma attacks are plagued. Pollen is deposited in the hair and the clothes, so it is useful, before going to sleep go to take a shower and worn clothes in the bedroom to keep. A pillow with synthetic filling reduces dust mites, which can trigger an asthma attack.

Pollen, animal dander and house dust but apart from pollen, animal hair and house dust come many other asthma attack triggers in question, because not all asthmatics has allergic Asthma. Physical exertion causes that often must be breathed. The bronchial tubes dry out easier and cool, it comes to narrowing and in the worst case to an asthma attack. This often affects children. Medically, the exercise asthma is called. The climate can have a similar effect.

Asthma sufferers are often sensitive to cold, fog or humidity. Trigger form another asthma attack chemical substances as they occur in perfumes or cosmetics, sometimes including those in drugs. There are certain professions that are particularly susceptible to asthma because they constantly work with substances that irritate the lungs. When the bakers, it is, for example, the fine flour dust, hairdressers numerous chemicals in hair dyes and all, who work with animals the fine hairs. Asthma attack triggers also the psyche plays a role another factor is also the psyche. Stress, stress and also fear or panic can trigger an asthma attack. In the worst case, this can be up to increase to a panic attack. Feeling to get out of air, not being able to breathe is a great burden and already fear may lead to a renewed attack before. Here, it can help to get help and to master two simple exercises, which give the feeling one during an acute asthma attack, to be able to do something besides an inhaler. One is the so-called lip brake, a breathing technique as calm is inhaled through the nose in and out slowly through your closed mouth. The breath will be slowed down so and causes an expansion of the lungs. This allows more air can be inhaled when the next breath again. In combination with the driver seat sufferers get back again so a little control and breathing easier as well again. In the driver’s seat, one leaning the upper body forward and support the hands on the knees. This automatically expands the chest and breathing.

Filipino Steve Kroeger

Extreme athlete and motivational speaker Steve Kroeger know when it makes sense to go to turn around. “In 2007, the mountaineers and 5 star started speaker Steve Kroeger project be 7 SUMMITS, what he also in his lecture the 7 SUMMITS strategy” speaks. Since then, the alpinist already climbed five of the highest mountains of the continents at the first attempt. On the coldest mountain in the world of Denali, 360 kilometers from the North Pole, the extreme sports for the first time broke off an expedition. After six days, his decision to turn back fell on May 24, 2013 at 04:27. With his 7 SUMMITS strategy inspired and encouraged speaker motivational speaker and extreme athlete Steve Kroeger from the speakers agency 5 star years formulate numerous people and realize their life goals and lyrically. His personal life dream was to climb the highest peaks of the world since his childhood.

But the half Filipino Steve Kroeger met on his way to realize the dream of his life, unexpectedly to his roots – at the other end of the world! At breakfast in the “Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, Elsa met the extreme athlete of Filipino” and was already on the next day to the family BBQ at Elsas sister aunt Mele “received. This spontaneous familial warmth and especially Meles parting words everything happens for a reason”no longer let off him on the mountain. On the 9-hour tour on 24 may 2013 between camp III and camp IV Steve Kroeger wondered all the time: what am I doing here? What exactly drag I up the mountain actually just 60 pounds? Each year over 1,000 international mountaineers try to reach the Summit of Denali. Of them only every second climber succeeds average. Every season there are more accidents and deaths.

Meanwhile, more than 100 climbers have died on the Denali. A German climber died shortly before turning to Steve Kroeger. The period of inner struggle and doubt was always intense and followed the extreme athlete and Mountaineer in the night. “In the early dawn, his decision was clear then: I turn around!” The extreme athlete and motivational speaker Steve KARI has always wanted to know how far he can go personally. Turn around for him never came into question. He came across the Denali insidiously bordering an irreconcilable, neither physical nor mental kind. The speaker recognized that it is not about making a project until the bitter end, despite the efforts and the sacrifices that oneself and others to accept is no longer available in relation to the result. I got on my gut heard. “, so climbers Kroeger. Many people have forgotten this in our society with their eternal faster, higher, further”. You are not allow in the course of a process the meaningfulness of a target to question and to himself and other counterparts, take responsibility for our own actions. The fear of failure is too great. The guest speaker and motivational speaker Steve Kroeger has proven courage. Because the fear of failure – its project and numerous supporters and advocates to tormented him, too. But he failed not. He has returned with something much more valuable than a further Summit success brought: insight and humanity! And this is probably the greatest adventure and which today can there be for us humans.

Strength Athletes

Creatine is mainly known in strength training. Creatine can build but still much more than just muscles. Bodybuilders and endurance athletes try regularly by supplementation of different nutrients to enhance performance and to shorten the recovery time. Creatine is one of the most effective supplements that currently exist on the market. Manufactures creatine in principle as an organic acid that can be made also by the body itself, by it creatine synthesized a variety of precursors within the liver. In addition, creatine is absorbed also with the daily nutrition. These already existing dosage is not sufficient for high performance athletes and intense athletes.

Therefore, supplementation is extremely useful. The storage of creatine occurs in skeletal muscle. The advantage of creatine is, which is the muscle contraction of the body can support and can bring about a brief but very intense performance boost. The athletes can therefore in the short term and train very hard. It is a completely new training experience. As virtually side-effect is additionally the regeneration time after training shortened.

Another advantage is that there is no long wait for the results of this training. After taking creatine, a performance boost is short already felt. One of the reasons is that the creatine is absorbed directly by the muscle and not only in lengthy processes of the body must be converted. Another advantage of creatine is that it affects osmotic within the muscles. This means that within the individual muscle cell more nutrients can be found than in the rest of the body. The body tries to compensate for this excess fluid now. The body tries lots of water in the single Myocyte therefore why this works now firmer and plumper. In addition to the optical effect is by taking creatine also causes the energy reserves of the athlete by adenosine triphosphate are heavily filled. Adenosine triphosphate is the main energy supplier of the body very often and quickly consumed. By taking creatine, the energy reserves of the sort populate strongly ensuring a long-term energy supply. When taking creatine should be taken, that the taking not that longer than as on the packaging of the product is important however, that is the athlete previously matched the income on his individual situation. Side effects in the area of creatine ingestion are not known. However, a doctor should be consulted when a disease. A consultation is important especially when a present nephropathy. Total is creatine, one of the most effective and most popular supplements that are there on the market. It accelerates the physical strength and endurance and shortens the regeneration time. The optical and physical effects are enormous, why enjoys a strong popularity creatine…

Widespread Disease Of Athlete

The practice of foot fit from Erwitte informed athlete’s foot is annoying, painful and can have serious consequences. Many of those affected is however embarrassing to talk about it or to seek expert help and they procrastinate so the infection. Thus sick represent but also a threat to their fellow human beings. How does one best against existing athlete’s foot and how to effectively to protect against athlete’s foot, explains Dieter Guliczuk, foot care specialist. Athlete’s foot is not created by alone, but is always due to a previous infection.

If it is resident in tropical or subtropical climate, this also favours the formation of so-called Fussmykrose. To thrive, the thread fungus requires the warm, moist air in closed shoes. Especially the toe spaces offer the necessary breeding ground for the unpleasant fungus. It first manifests itself in the form of small white blisters that dry out later. The skin may Redden, itching occurs.

Cracks and painful inflammation are also possible. The Fussmykrose is not detected early enough and treated, can the fungus deep into the skin and their defense so severely weaken that can cause streptococcal infections and causes. In such cases, inpatient treatments will be necessary. The treatment can be done now often successfully with simple means by the patients themselves. A previous advice on the necessary preparations, such as ointments or sprays, by a pharmacist or a foot care specialist is advisable. In the treatment it arrives then on the patience of the diseased, because several weeks up to the full healing can elapse. Completely healthy skin is more resistant to fungal infections than those who are already in their defense is weakened. Athlete’s foot can be avoided only by thorough foot hygiene. Who is on the move in public facilities such as the gym or the swimming pool, should the floors not barefoot enter, since these have already been Pathogens can be covered. A family member suffers from Fussmykrose, is sure that towels and bath mats are not used, because they turn out to be an ideal habitat for the mushrooms and offer virtually unlimited potential of infection. The linen should at be at least at 60, otherwise not all bacteria can be removed. A person with athlete’s foot is infected, she should also not barefoot run over carpets, can remain here ill dander and new infections will not be avoided. Because in many cases, no success shows the self treatment however, recommend professional help from a dermatologist or medical foot care. Dieter Guliczuk treated in his practice in Erwitte/bath Westernkotte among patients with just such diseases, provides attractive feet but also through cosmetic foot care. He is always available for questions and appointments. Press contact foot fit contact person: Dieter Guliczuk Sea buckthorn ring 43a 59597 Erwitte / bad Westernkotten phone 02943 9782-37 fax 02943 9782-38 mobile 0171 6971323 email: Homepage:

Mediterranean Sea

Greece – one of the finest resorts in Europe. Holidays in Greece, in this warm and welcoming country for even the most sophisticated tourist is an exceptional event. And for those who have already managed to visit this country, it is only a "low start" to a more vivid impression … Bank of Greece is washed by three seas: the east by the Aegean Sea in the west – Ionian Sea in the south – the Mediterranean Sea. Favourable climatic conditions, abundance of natural greenery and the azure sea and leave a unique impression nesgladimoe for many years. Travel offers last-minute trips to Greece at a great price! Before heading to Greece and plunge into its atmosphere, you need to choose a tour.

Types of tours: general tours; medical tours, excursions, tours for honeymooners, sailing tours. If you want a short amount of time to see as much beauty and attractions, the usual tour to Greece – this is exactly what you need. You will have the opportunity to visit Athens to see the Acropolis, visit Kalambaka, Delphi, Antirio, Ancient Olympia – home of Olympic Games. In addition, You will have time to lie on the warm beaches of the Greek islands, enjoy the sun and the sea. Why medical tour, and why it is in Greece? The answer is very simple: because Greece – is the perfect place to improve your health. Chlorinated hot springs and radon baths, mineral springs, plenty of greenery, mud baths – that offers a modern Greece. The program of tours includes a visit to Greece and Crete Rhodes, the beautiful city of Thessaloniki and the cities of Dion and Olympus. During the tour you will be able to fully experience the aura of ancient ruins and temples of Greece.

This impression, which is not forgotten. Tours to Greece to give you a newlywed opportunity to see how high mountains and golden sand lined shore and create an ideal environment for an unforgettable honeymoon. Yachting in Greece or sea cruise – will allow you to see Greece with a completely new angle – from the sea. Taking a yacht or a boat rental, you can travel with friends or relatives, inhaling the freshness of the sea and at the same time enjoy the scenery neobykonevennymi Greece. You can also do diving in Greece. Given the rich flora and fauna of the Greek maritime spaces. Tours to the island of Crete – is lying on the sand beside the sea, visit the underwater world charm and beauty which will not leave you indifferent. Children will love surprisingly large water parks. Therefore, Crete is always ready to give an unforgettable vacation and pleasure. Tours to Greece, will open to you the sun, sea, mountains, fine wines and cuisine, historical monuments and beautiful nature. Imagine imagine what living well and breathe the same air as the Greek gods, to enjoy the same species, which have enjoyed the poets and painters for centuries. Pick up your tone by selecting your tour in Greece! Holidays in Greece very diverse, so you can pick up a tour that is right for you. A always ready to offer last-minute trips to Greece from the leading travel agencies in Ukraine, at the best prices!