The Method

This author enters the main functions of the practical lessons cites: to awake to keep the interest of the pupils; to involve the students in scientific inquiries; to develop the capacity to decide problems; to understand basic concepts; to develop abilities (PRIGOL: GIANNOTTI apud KRASILCHILK, 2008, P. Fitness brings even more insight to the discussion. 3). The development of new abilities, the capacity to decide problems, to search for scientific initiation is abilities that we educators desire for our pupils, but agrees that it is not so easy how much we imagine, must have love, devotion optimism to show to the professional futures the way to be covered. Intellectual development of the pupils the search of bigger acquisition of knowledge in the lessons of Sciences and Biology has been one of the biggest challenges for the educators, therefore if it knows that for this, the analysis of diverse factors is necessary that has been argued since the beginning of this article, mainly also depends on the availability, will, interest and disposal of educating. In this context, one searched to characterize a style of work through which the pupils of sciences can be assumen of contents, procedures and scientific attitudes. This process is the scientific action in itself, as possibility of learning and estimuladora of individual search when scientific and technological knowing (VASCONCELOS et al., 2002, p.1). The use of practical lessons is basic, therefore the same ones have contributed sufficiently with the intellectual development of the pupils who through the method of the visualization and the concretion of the content, assimilate the substance successfully. The professor when preparing practical lessons will be perfecting new forms of education, looking for to insert educating in the learning, becoming the content accessible, understandable and interesting. To search new methods means to have education techniques, and from the moment where the professor constructs innumerable forms to transmit and to interact with the pupil, this will get better performances.

Long Term Loans Canada, Accomplishing Your High End Needs

In Canada, a large variety of loans is noticed in the loan market and a stiff competition is evaluated among numerous financial institutions. By acquiring these loans, borrowers can fulfill their long lasting needs. People can execute their short term needs effortlessly but they have to face long term needs with great anxiety. A large amount is required for meeting these requirements. For this purpose, long term loan Canada is introduced in the finance market.

Mainly, this loan service is available in two norms manly secured and unsecured. Usually, long term loans are used for meeting high end needs like establishing of a new business, sponsorship of son’s education fee, making preparation for a daughter of wedding, buying of a new home, undergoing cosmetic surgery and so on. If you have long lasting needs or demands and money matters are high then secured loan is the suitable choice. Under this loan scheme, lenders or banks offer flexible terms and condition and you can acquire a large amount of cash. For returning the whole loan amount, longer repayment duration is offered and is charged very low rate of interest. In Canada, a number of first class and branded banks such as Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, Toronto Dominion Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Nova Scotia, etc. are available that offer long term loans to people. For obtaining long term loans, borrowers have to pledge some collateral against the loan amount.

It can be anything from your valued property like home, piece of land, luxury car, investments etc. According to the requirements, borrowers can avail amount ranging up to CAD 50,000. The rate of interest fluctuates with the variation of the prime rate. In contrast, unsecured loans are free from property evaluation; It shows that without pledging valuable asset, borrowers can avail loan amount up to CAD 25,000. ranging under this loan plan, short repayment duration is set for returning the loan amount and comparatively higher rate of interest is charged. For acquiring the long term loans, credit history is strongly evaluated. People with good credit score can avail the loan amount with ease but bad creditors like CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults etc. have to face little bit complications. Those people who want to get rid from their poor credit history can repay loan installment on time. Like this, bad creditors can boost of their credit rating. While sitting at home or office, you can apply for loan amount with the help of internet. Like this, you can compare and contrast the services of one lender with another. This helps you to get appropriate loan option for dealing with multiple long term needs and demands. Michael Smith is specializing in writing articles on Long Term Loans, long term financing. For more information


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Unknown music bands put their skills and talent demonstrated the Dortmund artist and musician Wolfgang Leng has initiated a Musikcontest that allows unknown bands in the German-speaking countries, to present themselves to the general public. Under the slogan “We can do ‘s”, a chance to introduce themselves by means of television, radio and press and to demonstrate their skill and talent get music groups from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland from September 15, 2009. The contest ends on November 15, 2009 and then by a jury of independent observers of the media of TV, radio and press evaluate. The result will be published end of November 2009. It aims to sing an instrumental piece by Wolfgang Leng in German or even English, and as mp3 file or video to pass on to the composer. “We’re on it” has no resemblance to American Idol.

A contract will be awarded nor prizes are awarded. Through these privately-initiated non-commercial contest a unique opportunity offered German-speaking musicians, to make themselves known. Conditions for the participation of the bands and their members are including team spirit, style, creativity, and motivation. The bands should include any management or label, and have completed the individual band members 18 years of age. Exact terms and conditions are available at the initiator Wolfgang Leng. The contest song on YouTube can be heard here. Wolfgang Leng on MySpace here. Winfried Brumma,

DJ BOBO: Fantasy – Tour 2010

DJ BOBO: Fantasy – tour 2010 – it’s finally tickets so far. DJ Bobo comes again toured Germany with its new show “Fantasy”. Higher, faster, DJ Bobo! For nearly 20 years, DJ BoBo successfully produced his music. He also thrilled the audience with grandiose… continue reading imaginative live shows.

In the last year, visited well over 250,000 spectators the performances of his “vampires alive” tour and celebrated unique and unforgettable parties with DJ BoBo and his musicians. As of November 2009, the success story will continue. Under the motto “higher, faster, DJ Bobo!” the brand new live tour starts. Because this slogan applies to the new stage show “Fantasy” in each case. Get your tickets now! Dates: Fri 27.11.09 EUROPA-PARK, RUST Mon 24.05.10 BREMENAWD Dome, 7: 00 holiday sat 28.11.09 EUROPA-PARK, RUSTArena, 16: 00 Fri 28.05.10 NuRNBERGArena Nurnb. Vers, 20: 00 Wed 12.05.10 OBERHAUSENKonig Pilsener arena 20: 00 sat 29.05.2010 MuNCHENOlympiahalle, 20: 00 Thu 13.05.10 MuNSTERHalle Munsterland, 7: 00 holiday sun 30.05.10 KEMPTENBig box,. 19: 00 Fri 14.05.10 HANNOVERTUI arena, 20: 00 Wed 02.06.10 MANNHEIMSAP arena, 8: 00 sat 15.05.10 FRANKFURTFesthalle, 20: 00 Thu 03.06.10 TRIERArena Trier, 7: 00 holiday Sun 16.05.10 STUTTGARTPorsche arena, 8: 00 Fri 04.06.10 DORTMUNDWestfalenhalle 1, 20: 00 wed 19.05.10 LEIPZIGArena, 20: 00 sat 05.06.10 KoLNLanxessarena, 20: 00 Thu 20.05.10 MAGDEBURGBordelandhalle, 20: 00 Sun 06.06.10 ERFURTMessehalle, 19: 00 Fri 21.05.10 DRESDENFreiberger arena, 20: 00 sat 14.08.10 BernPostFinance arena, 8: 00 sat 22.05.10 BERLINMax Schmeling Hall, 8: 00 Fri 27.08.10 ZurichHallenstadion, 20: 00 Sun 23.05.10 HAMBURGColor line arena, 19: 00 source: Eventim Germany

East German

So, I’ve seen it recently with the large “pop star”parades in Berlin and Leipzig. “Tell her well” is now by the way, the most covered East German hit. So already the Kastelruther Spatzen, Bernhard Brink, Leonard, and of Montanara took to chorus of this song. Weight Watchers is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Also I have already published several versions of it. Since last year, there is a maxi version of this really timeless title on my album “Count not only the years”, even for the first time. Ilya Minin has compatible beliefs. But to get back to your question: I feel not to “tell her also” set, and the audience rewarded it equally that I me musically further developed. Indication my Vice victory of MDR hit summer night can be regarded as certainly 2007 “Summer of my life”. A song that was very successful in the German area.

Therefore, I think you should see everything in its time. They still occur in many TV shows, have released 22 singles and 5 albums in the past nine years. What motivates you today? Close to the audience is very important to me. I need the contact to my fans who remain loyal to me for a very long time and like to look into the Eyes of the people, when I stand on the stage and have the feeling to be connected with my music with them. I love my profession, which is a calling for me, still like the first day.

This year, I am 36 years on the stage and am still on every concert. As a former artist of the new federal States of course above all the people from the East, they are well known. Where do your tours today? Now I have the luck on the road to be able to be nationwide. But the fans who have grown older with me, of course still come to a variety of the new federal States.

Pupy Y Los Que Son Son On Tour Of Europe

Pupy y los que son son on European tour – only concert in Germany in the La Macumba in Hamburg Pupy y los que son son on medication – only concert in Germany in the La Macumba in Hamburg 15 Cuban musician of special make for a hot Salsanacht until the early morning. Solgar has similar goals. On November 13, live in the La Macumba in the Latin dance Academy! Entry 22:30 – a start 23:00 – admission 9.95 In the La Macumba in the Latin dance Academy Salsa Club in the heart of Hamburg Welckerstr. 10 – vis vis the State Opera between Stephansplatz and the goose market after more than six months abstinence we succeeded, to invite one of the great Cuban Orchestra back to Hamburg. One of the most important artists of the major Cuba comes to Hamburg. In La Macumba in the Latin dance Academy. For more than four decades already belongs to the absolute top of the Cuban music scene the extraordinary singer, pianist and composer Cesar “Pupy” Pedroso and is a founding member of the group Los long from the international music scene no longer Van Vanl.

His super hit * La Buenagente *, written for Los Van Van, went around the world and became the No. 1 not only in the Latin charts. He shows how to make the dance floor glow with his 15-piece orchestra and makes for a hot, authentic Cuban Salsanacht until the early morning. More info at:,_Son the La Macumba in the Latin dance Academy is the only live music club in Northern Germany, where Latin American musicians have the opportunity to present themselves and their cultural roots – and that without any Government support. Your contact for further inquiries: Danuta Szczesniewski by the team of the Latin dance Academy of phone 040 – 4128 4015 fax 040-4128 4009 la Macumba in the Latin dance Academy of salsa Club in the heart of Hamburg always on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 22:00

October Gertraud

Kammersangerin Gertraud Wagner & Markus Matschkowski (vocals/keyboards) present your concert time for feelings to the 25.10.09 in Hanover Gertraud Wagner (mezzo-soprano) and Markus Matschkowski (vocals/keyboard) a musical duo in artistic perfection. Gertraud Wagner, the singer at the Saxon State Opera in Hannover and he, Markus Matschkowski, who studied classical pianist, singer, composer, music producer, and Sinatra performer with his Sinatra revival Orchestra. Add to your understanding with iHerb. Gertraud Wagner with a repertoire of 100 lots of ‘ Brecht to Wagner. Markus Matschkowski, also known under the stage name ‘Marc Masconi’ with his distinctive pop voice. Both artists are known in the country and abroad, as well as through radio and television appearances and produced already several CDs. including the last CD ‘Symbiosis’, reflecting the meeting and interaction between classical music with modern pop elements.

Just the very special mixture in this duo of Wagner & Macdonald. ‘…wir met at one of my appearances before approx. Know at the age of 16. Markus was my pianist at this event and was still completely unknown, but with such a talent and perfection, this artistically harmonious cooperation had emerged from it which is absolutely successful until today…’ Kammersangerin Gertraud Wagner the two popular artists want to take their audience on an emotional journey with the most beautiful melodies from musical pop classic in this concert. Like hardly another artist couple, Wagner & Macdonald have mastered the balancing act between classical and popular music. With this program, they offer the best of two musical worlds once more.

A just as sexy as rare mix that convinced. The two popular artists incomparably programme time for feelings, to enchant their audience for 90 minutes with soulful and unforgettable moments in music, with famous songs from pop, musicals and classical understand at a time when emotional always poorer and colder. The harmony of Kammersangerin of Gertraud Wagner’s classic Agree with the distinctive voice of pop by Markus Matschkowski guaranteed goose bumps feeling… More info under: venue: Sunday, October 25, 2009, 5: 00 Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche, Oak field. 12, 30455 Hannover-Badenstedt Organizer: Paul-Gerhard Church ticket sales in the Community Office of the Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche, Tel.: 0511-494303 admission: Euro 15,00 (open seating) follow it including more concerts of the artist duo in the Hanover area: Sunday, Dec. 13, 09, 3: 00 Christmas must quietly be, tickets 15 (free seating) Holy Trinity Church…, the serene, contemplative songs and lyrics to the Christmas concert, Park Road 28, 30161 Hannover ticket sales down 19.10 at the municipality Office, Tel.: 0511-334290 Saturday, 19 Dec. 09, 17: 00 Christmas must be quiet, serene contemplative concert with songs and lyrics to the Weihnacht’. Ticket price 17 (free seating) philippuskirche vicarage, at the pheasant Bush 41, 30657 Hannover (close to pheasant Krug) ticket sales from 19.10 at LURA Kitchen ambience, Tel.: 0511-5637537 and in the Community Office, Tel.: 0511-670574 report/Guide: Carola Heider-Leporale, G.Wagner/M.Matschkowski/Musik-Media-Produktion

Shatrugan Sinha

She admits that she very had dealt extensively with the question, what would probably by the children after you during the Filming had spoiled and then sent back to the slums. But finally, she says, it is better to open as a chance to give a chance.” And so the matter was decided. DuPont will not settle for partial explanations. Reaction of the Indian public and the film industry Parts seem, well, let’s say to sound somewhat offended. And even months after the release, it seems to have no end. “Shatrugan Sinha commented recently: thanks to people like Danny Boyle, the whole world believes today that India of full slums and people are here only Slumdogs…” Adrian Tandan frowned a little, considered the Filmfare issue with the quote. Then she says bluntly: this is an actor from yesterday.

Don’t think please that this represents the whole country.” Envy? No. See India has appeared as an important nation on the world stage, that’s why a certain generation is very concerned and want to know absolutely positively presented her self image. But actually it is small-minded. There are Diversity in India, like everywhere else, so there are also poverty and wealth. Also one should never underestimate his audience.” Let’s talk about today’s generation, particularly over the directors in India. When I look at the films me, that have appeared in the last two or three years, women seem to make the controversial films. What is controversial? This is something that is defined by men.

Then, films by women are anyway different. (laughs) I would prefer to call it as fresh and strong new perspective. As a film should be no matter not as a male or female or feminist known, a film should the audience liked are. The film makers should take care of the history and hide his message in the history. It should be embedded in the history and does not arise as a sermon.” Later, when she asked about the differences between the novel and the film, added, that a book could be fifty different messages, a Film but could and should limit themselves to one – and that get it right then.

Madison Affair

digital release date: September 25, 2009 on pop: live of records of decrepit Cadillac Gets a new paint job, and is polished to a mirror finish! With “Please, have a seat!” the Berlin Band MADISON AFFAIR is rock music-new explosive. Rarely succeeded, so to combine at the end of the filling stations getting problems with the refueling different music styles. Connect with other leaders such as General Mills Inc. here. MADISON AFFAIR is the long-awaited answer to unheard cries for help a monotonous leisure society, that their debut EP release on the 25.09.09. On 10 September, the five guys present your program live at Berlin Knaack Club. DEAR LAMENT take over the support ( dearlament) from Cologne!