Apocalypse God

Christian Richard, confessions of a Swiss Guard who as a child fulfilled his dream to defend the Pope. PUBLISHED IN the NEWSPAPER the REASON, of Lima Peru, the 25 OF DECEMBER OF 2008 THE WHIP OF THE RUFUS First it guarded to Juan Pablo II during 12 years and soon to Benedicto XVI by 3 years Confessions of a Swiss Guard who fulfilled his dream as a child to defend the life of the Pope – To take care of the Extreme Pontiff is a trusting honor to Swiss from year 1506 Ricardo Sanchez Serra (*) *Periodista. Manager of the Association of Foreign Press Email: Blog: When one is finalizing its scholastic studies, the headache already begins to discover to what we are called. al Billing. Please visit Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta if you seek more information. Sometimes, to know which is our professional vocation, to vocational and psychological examinations or personal interviews with some adviser can be developed. Nevertheless, Christian Richard did not have necessity to happen through this situation because as a child there was shortage which it would be the mission of its life: to take care of the representative of God in the Earth.

Is everything a privilege, said Richard to us, to whom God put in its heart this beautiful vocation when only it was eleven years old. In the book of the Apocalypse and prophetic books of Daniel and Isaiah, we can find out that the Highest God is seconded and guarded by arcngeles that picks up in odres the perfume of the orations of the saints. Lowering to the Earth, according to the tradition of the Church, each person is protected by her angel of the guard. Also, the Pope also has its guardian. But, how it is this history of the guardian of the Extreme Pontiff? Today, few know of a heroic military battalion whom it protects to the Pope from year 1506: the Switzerland Guard, founded by the Pope Julio II.