The man always has found amazed by the beautiful images you see in the sky, such as the stars and all the celestial bodies can be observed in the sky, before such pleased by these beautiful images in man began to develop different media that would allow you to see better stars and everything that was happening in the night sky and with this began to configure one of the sciences more ancient history of mankind, which is astronomy, which seeks to know more of the universe and everything that is outside our world, as the elements that are in space and all its components. You can say that the history and the development of astronomy, is as old as speak of the history of man, because although initially this only science had development in the observation of different celestial bodies that could be seen in the night sky and so be able to predict their future movements, was developing with the time until you reach the incredible technological advances that have occurred based on astronomy. One of the most important advances in astronomy were made by the Chinese, who made the first division of the constellations; later in Europe took place the division of the constellations at twelve, I mean the appearance of the zodiacal constellations that represented the annual motion of the Sun; Other important to the development of astronomy gave the pre-Columbian peoples, which possessed calendars made very precisely; the nature of development of astronomy should highlight also to speak of the Egyptian pyramids, because apparently these were constructed according to patterns of astronomy with very high precision. Astronomy for a long time was stalled due to the intervention of the Church, which was called the era of obscurantism, since no science had much development and among them entered astronomy, so much so it was thought that the Earth was the center of the universe, but with the advent of the Renaissance of thought as well as development flourished astronomy He had his advances, so put the theory of heliocentrism and developed the telescope as a medium more useful to observe the celestial bodies with the development of the theory of universal gravitation and the motion of the planets is unify the astronomy and physics, opening one ampo greater action for various scientific advances based on astronomyup to large science which nowadays means astronomy. But with the development of astronomy not only became possible to improve the conditions of observation and understanding of the elements of the outer space, also allowed some betterment of life on Earth, such as a better maritime navigation thanks to devices that helped to determine the latitude, could also develop watches more precise and accurate and can perfectly determine the time of daybecame an exact location of each place on Earth in a map or planisphere calculating the longitude and latitude of the different points of the Earth. Original author and source of the Article.