Average Level

The present work guideline in the vision of the pupil of referring average education to the ministrao of disciplines of literature of the public net, in the city of Groaras, disclosing little the case that the alunado one in a general way of to this disciplines. It is since great part of this must the form with priority as the great majority of the professors works the study of literature in classroom. It is added this, still, the fact of the pupils not to like reading very. This junction, adding itself other factors is clearly, seems to be great ‘ ‘ barreira’ ‘ that day-by-day it comes causing each time more the indifference for literature this city. Word-key: Indifference. Education of Literature. For even more analysis, hear from supermodel. Groairense Alunado.

INTRODUCTION It currently has a great concern how much to the uncertain future of the education of Literature in our schools, in view of each time more to observe the reduction in the load horria of the same one in the curricular gratings of the education institutions. As if this was not enough, ‘ still exists great; ‘ x’ ‘ of the question; how the educator will have to work literature in form room that its study is attractive for educating? The reply for this question certainly he will cause the form as the learning sees this disciplines, that is, the importance that it of to the literature education! Observing it brusque reduction that literature comes losing in the half pertaining to school is each more complicated time it professor to develop a methodology that approaches pupil and literature. THEORETICAL BASEMENT ‘ ‘ It is a bag! Study to only make the test, when I can I give one jeitinho and I always fish! Of it advances that me to know of the life of this mount of author? He is very flat! Therefore it demands much patience, because decorao’ is practically alone; ‘.