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New analysis device for the detection of inhibitors successfully tested brochure from the House of ADVERMA Rohrbach / Wolnzach (mh) – the shock of the EHEC epidemic is still deeply and has once again flare up about food safety and control. Just in this situation should not be overlooked, that there is also positive news on this sector. A new dimension of food security should begin namely with the new BioSensor system MCR 3 for the detection of inhibitors (antibiotics) at least in the milk. The result of the validation phase of the milk test ring Bayern e.V. By the same author: Dorothy Wright Nelson. is certainly good reason to this hope. The findings of the test phase are now professionally prepared in a brochure advertising & Marketing GmbH with the help of Baba ADVERMA. Like hardly any other food is just the milk in the reputation of being particularly healthy and natural.

The advertising suggests that us and has taken this image in people’s minds. The expectation of the consumer is so unique: an example Product also antibiotics (inhibitors). Reality is, however, that treating sick dairy cows what is contest hardly anyone alone animal welfare due to medicines must be used. But even when minimized, and in compliance with all safety precautions apply: always remains a residual risk of residues in milk. Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario has compatible beliefs. If today according to the EU food hygiene regulations strict limits for antibiotics in milk, which has good reasons.

The inhibitors allergic potential, promote the resistance of germs and have perhaps even a direct toxic effect. That the statutory limits for different antibiotics could be checked so far but only in time-consuming and costly detection methods in special testing laboratories and ensured. Another specific problem is added at the dairy: milk from different sources is mixed: repeatedly throughout the food chain. Geringstmoglich could ask for the damage stop, it is therefore, with antibiotics contaminated milk already from the beginning to draw from the traffic.