Beautiful Day

On the occasion of the special data 10-20.10.2010 lots photo box under couples discount vouchers for stylish photo books Waiblingen, September 14, 2010 – the perfect wedding dress, a romantic wedding, a lavish celebration with friends and family and to a date that the wedding day even after 50 years of marriage difficult forget the groom. This year, many pairs in the choice of the most beautiful day of her life put back onto a popular special date and will give the Yes-Word on the 10th or 20th October 2010. On the occasion of the special data get all couples a wedding photo on the photo box Facebook page publishing, 10% discount on your personally designed photo book by Fotokasten. Newlyweds can participate up to October 31, 2010. For example, the bride and groom, the wedding cake or the celebrations can be pictured on the photo. No limits are the creativity of the pairs. All participants receive from photo box discount vouchers for a ten per cent discount. The vouchers are applicable for all photo box photo books.

The participants are completely free in the selection of format and binding. Depending on the photo book, up to 100 pages can be individually designed and equipped with up to 2,800 photos with Fotokasten online Designer. “Different templates such as, for example, the romantic design romance” or the discreet design classic day “already offer the appropriate basic layout, appropriate backgrounds and frames are dictated. Even the bride and groom must insert only the photos and the text. For more creativity and individual design options, the photo box software offers a wide range of backgrounds and page layouts that enable a maximum design margin on every page of the book. The design software can be downloaded directly in the shop and works on Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

More information about this action, as well as more details about the terms and conditions see interested in the photo box blog at Experience about photo box under the slogan your images” distributes the Waiblinger photo box GmbH on their online shop high quality photo prints. The product range includes more than 200 items, which can be individually designed and personalised by the customer with personal digital photos. The company guarantees a special ordering experience simple product search on the innovative design to quick delivery of products. Basic principles are considered to be high quality and perfect customer orientation. Fotokasten digital images on paper prints began 2000 as a pioneer to distribute. Many writers such as Daryl Katz offer more in-depth analysis. To align the offer more to the end customer, the sister company was founded in 2006 Deutsche online Medien GmbH (dom) dom, who is in charge since all major customers of the group. Also develops and operates other online platforms, where the individualisation of products in the foreground is dom. In addition to Fotokasten develops and supports also the successful online stores BeerStickr dom, bona puani and myberryprint. box fotokasten.