Ben Affleck, An Example

According to the information portal Antwerp Facet, golferu Tiger Woods has much to learn from actor Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck). After four years of his life he gave to his wife, actress Jennifer Garner (Jennifer Garner) a magnificent diamond ring at least seven carats. Do not make amends, but simply to say "thanks"! The actor bought his wife a large diamond as a token of gratitude for what she cared for their two children, until he disappeared on the set of his latest film "The City (The Town). Some media quoted anonymous sources as saying that "Jennifer was stunned when he handed it to her. He said he was lucky with her and that she was a wonderful mom. " Dazzling diamond is inserted into the platinum ring. It looks like Affleck particular fondness for diamonds, as it is not the first time to buy a big diamond ring. However, for a different Jennifer: in 2002, when Ben was still engaged to Jennifer Lopez, he bought her 6-carat pink diamond worth 1.2 million dollars.