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Construction services for Berlin and Brandenburg, building consultancy also nationwide BERLIN (2008) – “Clinic” is a synonym for clinic or hospital, clinic or Department a specialization. The term is a shortened form of the entire symptoms of a patient, his symptoms. The House clinic is whether you want to build or buy the virtual clinic for your home, or are already owner (or Manager). The House is the patient to examine it and to heal. If necessary, a screening is to comply. The symptoms are detected and derived from this appropriate approaches. It pursued a holistic aspect – from the head (roof) to toe (foundations) – and the customer determines priorities for the patient are: partial treatment (repairs) or treatment (rehabilitation).

Of course the customer does not go with the House to the House clinic, but the House clinic comes to him. In Berlin, Brandenburg, where it is desired. Energy assistance and/or energy performance certificate required? One Review by the surveyor? The construction expert advice? Then the House clinic is the right address for you. The House clinic is active in the area of Berlin and Brandenburg worked in the field of residential healthy building, a group of construction experts, energy consultants and certified specialist companies. 25 years of activity in the construction are guarantors of expertise and experience. Certificates and approvals confirm the qualification. Investigations and includes the removal of mold mildew control – and to the prevention of emergence of new – mold prevention.

Continue the development of optimal rehabilitation solutions, as well as the professional execution of building drying up to the painter’s work, but also to and dressing, balcony recapitalization, bathrooms and attic conversions. The House clinic sells no products and no brands is committed. In the foreground is the preoccupation with a possible low-chemistry building and the use of residential healthy building materials. Here stands economics building in stock in the Center. The House clinic offers November builders seminars in Berlin. The offer of bbo building advice online is new. This range of services is aimed at interested parties throughout Europe, to engineering and building physics questions in German and English.