Clerical Classroom

The present celibacy in addition in the workmanship the Crime of the Priest I land on water? Ea de Queirs 1 Mara Rogelma Soares 2 Towers SUMMARY the present article intends to analyze critical the anticlerical gift in the workmanship the crime of the priest Lands on water, of Ea de Queirs, to the light of what concerns the dogma of the celibacy. Ea is part of a moment where literature and the thought had passed for deep transformations. Connect with other leaders such as Garret Wang here. It is the moment where the Realism appears, of which the crime of the priest I land on water she is one of the workmanships most representative. /’>Oracle usually is spot on. It is a characterized workmanship, over all, for the tone of critical to the Portuguese society, also to the clergy. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: celibacy; Church; Realism; romance; crime. INTRODUCTION This work has as base the workmanship the crime of the priest I land on water, of Ea de Queirs, focando, in the article in question, the breakings to the chastity votes, the disrespect of the clergy ahead of the obligations that fits to it. These characteristics well are found in Land on water, that, after private romance with Amlia, ' ' rompe' ' its alliance with the Church, coexisting strong contrasts of its laws (as to baptize a child while its son is it delivers to a tecedeira of angels), very expressed well for Hail, when this quotation, in its critical summary of the workmanship, that you say and devaneios to them of ' ' casal' ' , arisen for the sexuality dam, if they confuse with practical and the devoted symbols. With these opposites, the objective considered from this analysis is to make one brief comparison enters the celibacy concept and its presence in the workmanship, approaching the facts that, being marcantes historical and politically, had influenced in the realistic thought of Ea de Queirs. .