Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders finally realized that all he had was a recipe for a delicious chicken. He said to himself if this is all I have, with this I’m going to get rich. And she began visiting restaurants and talking with the owners to offer them his secret recipe for them and say the following: a Mi name is Colonel Sanders and I have the best chicken recipe in the world and I am willing to share it with you in exchange for a percentage of all that vendasa . And do you think? a restaurant owners she immediately said yes to course not!, a Colonel Sanders visited hundreds of restaurants across the United States and received hundreds and hundreds of rejections. a But Colonel Sanders never gave up, never give up, because the staff iae a , personal power is the ability to act, personal power is the ability to take action. Always remember that: a The winners never quit and quitters never win . Colonel Sanders had to talk to more than 1,000 owners restaurantesa before finding one who will say yes. As you will realize, Colonel Sanders the opportunity to found amid the crisis and today there are thousands and thousands of Kentucky restaurants around the world as proof of its success. Now I believe you can also find the opportunity amidst the crisis.

a I think you have the potential within you to desempenarte to a higher level actualmentea which you are performing. I think that at this early can make more money, you can grow your business and if you offer what you can to dominate in this economy. For assistance, try visiting BerlinRosen. a It is well known by all in times of crisis when there were more millionaires. So you and I have a great opportunity in this economy! I believe that times of crisis are times of change are times of growth, these are times to seek opportunities. personasa a Unfortunately many are staying with their arms crossed waiting for the economy improves and when times are tough successful people we have to focus on the things we have control and you and I have control of our attitude and our actions. When times are tough people succeed we must focus on having a positive mental attitude and to take more action! Champion, champion, I think you have greatness within you! Goals, strategy, action! Hector Gonzalez a Speaker, author and coach Hector Gonzalez is a lecturer, author and coach. He specializes in helping business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and sales professionals achieve their personal and business goals. To learn the strategies they need to succeed in life and in business to get more tips visit FREE.