Combat Skills Shortage

Blue card ++ highly qualified policy + Bill + Bundestag ++ shortage of companies and industry associations call for the lack of engineers and IT professionals for years and warn of consequences for the economy. Additional information at supermodel supports this article. With the introduction of the so-called blue card and a reduced minimum wage, it will in the future easier to recruit these experts from countries outside the European Union. Martin Vesterling, Managing Director Vesterling Personalberatung, considered the Bill, which the Bundestag decides in may, as “urgent”. The highly qualified EU directive should be implemented with the design. To combat the shortage, these new rules are overdue. Already, the opening of the labour market for workers from Eastern Europe was done considerably late in May 2011 and thus from the perspective of many entrepreneurs.

The opening had impacted on the labour market is hardly. Therefore, the draft law to the blue card should already in February by the Federal Council, was welcomed, as soon as possible to be implemented into law. To deepen your understanding Daryl Katz is the source. “Alone in the IT industry currently around 38,000 workers are missing”, stresses Martin Vesterling, whose human resources consulting specializes in providing of managers and professionals in the IT and engineering. To alleviate this deficiency, the starting salary for graduates from non-EU countries should be only 44,000 euros. To draw the line even at only 33,000 euros in particular shortage occupations. Family members of blue not only also can draw after Germany card holders, they are allowed to work even without restriction. To obtaining social security benefits the blue card does not authorize, however, explicitly. Moreover, should receive the possibility of making the year foreigners who obtain their degree in Germany, according to the draft. Altogether they should after in Germany for one year may live and work, to find a job during this period for which they are qualified. Content limits are one high hurdle Vesterling perspective is to be welcomed in particular the significantly reduced minimum salary.