Company Recovery Upgrade

ERP system half a year free got fully German SMEs by IKOffice the economic crisis. Actress understands that this is vital information. Automotive suppliers suffer from the poor state of the order. Therefore tools and forms construction company are appropriately restrained investment. But just a quiet job location is the ideal time to upgrade his company with an appropriate ERP system for the following recovery. That helps the industry IKOffice GmbH: IKOffice provides the industry-specific ERP solution MoldManager six months free of charge. Details can be found by clicking supermodel or emailing the administrator. Because once the upturn comes, the orders must be edited again in a short time. Small and medium-sized companies need an effective solution, to be competitive.

Oldenburg, March 13, 2009 – as paradoxical as it may sound: now is the ideal time for companies, an enterprise resource planning system, short ERP system to introduce. Because the machines not at full speed during a peaceful order. The software is perfectly integrated into the company and to the tailored individual production processes. All employees from the outset intensively deal with new job aid. But many companies deliberately preserve their liquidity. You shy away from hence the acquisition of an ERP system. That’s why the IKOffice GmbH for six months provides the ERP-solution MoldManager free of charge. This offer can be used a limited number of companies the tools, forms, model – and device construction.

Only after free of charge the financing model that is desired by the user enter into force. IKOffice successfully in addition to the usual purchase option on the rental-software model. In this way, IKOffice offers a cost-effective solution in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in the long term. The one-time purchase price falls away. Instead of buying the software, the customer rents the system and can cancel at short notice depending on the contract. The company protects its liquidity so and avoiding unmanageable obligations. We want the business during the economic crisis, particularly under the arms access.