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There is another purely physiological need to avoid any strong influence of stress: cortisol is known to us is the so-called stress hormones. Each stress – another piece of cortisol in the body. One of these stresses for hardgeynera who stood on the path of new life may be that perhaps not all of his friends and family will understand and accept that most importantly, support his new ambitions. Not worry: those to whom you are really expensive, there will always be at your side, and eventually a new life gives you and your new friends – like-minded people with whom you join the same goals and interests. So all you have get! To get to the weight of 85 kilograms, it took me five years. But still I did it! What has changed in your life? Weight without power is not growing.

And the men who do not like to feel strong? If a person loses weight, the main pleasure – the feeling of lightness and gravity of his body, then in the recruitment of muscle mass you have other joys, the other a psychological feeling – the feeling of his body, strong muscles, his' weight>> and value, and this receive no less fun. However, a lack of weight affects not only men but also women. For them, as well as for men, there is only one way to solve this problem – to gain muscle mass. But here there is a purely psychological difficulty: should only give a hint of muscle mass as women immediately presents itself inflated bodibildershey the cover of the magazine.