Do Not Want To Go To College?

This year I want to go to school! Holiday season. March, month of commencement of classes. For some children, synonymous with joy and excitement to reunite with colleagues and friends in games and adventures, meet their new teachers and teachers, for wearing their new school supplies. For others, an experience that is far from fun and you can get to become a really unpleasant experience. For parents of these children, a situation difficult to deal with which often are overwhelmed and disoriented. year I want to go to school! Or what is the same: a me hurts panzaa , a me hurts cabezaa , a tengo feeling sick, are phrases that lead to each and every day of absence. More a dolora plus absences become a vicious circle that causes more stress on the child as the cluster of absences do not allow you to follow the rhythm of school and fulfill their tasks in an appropriate manner.

And parents because they must deal with a child who protest, cry or do not want to get up early, late change in their breakfast, among many other behaviors that can be seen as a en lentaa camera and generate a family great distress. What parents can do in these cases? First, try to find the reason why the child does not want to school. – If your child complains of frequent physical pain, consult your pediatrician can be a good measure to rule out any pathology.