Experience Green Day Live In Munich

In June of this year, Green Day occur in the context of an open air concert on the Racecourse in Munich-riem. Nutra Ingredients has similar goals. The U.S. punk rock legends Green Day will visit Munich this summer during their Europe tour. The group plays on June 11 at the site of the Olympic equestrian centre. Visitors staying at hotels Munich, have the opportunity to experience the thrilling live performance under the open sky. Founded in the late 1980s, were”Green Day with albums such as Dookie, their major-label debut and first mainstream success, at the top of the punk revival in the United States.

With release of the album American Idiot”in 2004 increased the awareness of even further from Billy Joe Armstrong, Trio Mike Dirnt and Tre cool existing from California. Designed in the style of a rock opera, the album introduced the band to a younger generation of fans and delivered hits such as the title track and Boulevard of broken dreams”. In May last year released their eighth Studio album, 21st century breakdown”Green Day. Fans, the concert in “” Munich visit, can on the best tracks of the most recent album, as well as a selection of classics such as basket case”brain stew/jaded, when I come around”, minority”and good riddance (time of your life)” happy. ” Concert tickets are available from 54.50. The event begins at 16:30 local time. Further evidence of the continuing popularity of the band, is the fact that in the United States recently on the American Idiot”album-based musical production on Broadway was opened.

The performance grossed $ 777,860 in its first week and is celebrated as another triumph of the group. In addition, their music on Broadway reached a whole new audience.